Park Gyu-young turned into a dog after kissing Cha Eun-woo
Park Gyu-young turned into a dog after kissing Cha Eun-woo
‘I’m Lovely Dog Today’ opens the beginning of an unpredictable fantasy romance.

In the 1st and 2nd episodes of MBC's Wednesday drama 'I Love Your Dog Today', which aired continuously on the 11th, Jin Seo-won (played by Cha Eun-woo), who is afraid of dogs due to childhood trauma, and Han Hae-na (played by Park Gyu-young), a woman who is cursed to turn into a dog when she kisses. ), the narrative of Lee Bo-gyeom (played by Lee Hyun-woo) revolving around these two people began.

Haena, a high school Korean language teacher who keeps a special family secret, has a special curse: 'If you kiss someone of the opposite sex, you will turn into a dog every night.' As a result, Hannah's relationships were always a series of failures, and she suffered from these situations.

Meanwhile, at an after-party with teachers, Hae-na decided to honestly confess her feelings to Bo-gyeom, whom she had a crush on, and approached him and kissed him. However, the person she accidentally kissed while drunk was not Bogyeom, but her awkward colleague Seowon, and this triggered a curse that eventually transformed Haena into 'Gaena (Gae + Haena)' in the alley.

Gaena's cute visual that appeared like that made my heart flutter. Gae-na took the subway by herself, holding her shoes in her mouth, and proved herself to be Hae-na in front of Han Yu-na (Ryu Abel) and Song Woo-taek (Cho Jin-se).

Hae-na, who returned to her human form, went to Seowon and apologized for her mistake last night and began to show signs of understanding. In order to lift his damn curse, he needed to 'kiss the other person again in a private state', so he needed Seowon's help. Afterwards, Hae-na wiped down Seo-won's desk and gave him hand cream to make an appointment alone with him.

Seowon couldn't understand Hae Na's sudden behavior toward him. Although he continued to reject Hae-na, Seo-won, who was strangely concerned about him, eventually allowed them to meet outside of school, and the two stimulated excitement by gradually getting closer, resolving misunderstandings about each other while drinking.

Hannah began the operation in earnest to lift her curse. After 12 o'clock at night, after turning into Gaena, he called Seowon to the alley in front of the restaurant and attempted to kiss her. However, Seowon, who is afraid of dogs, was very frightened by Gaena's appearance, and Haena's first attempt to lift the curse ended in failure.

Haena's attempts to break the curse by getting closer to Seowon continued in episode 2. Hae-na tried to make another appointment with Seo-won under the pretext of wanting to continue with Bo-gyeom, but Seo-won was uncomfortable with this.

As time passed, Haena fell into danger while tutoring delinquent students in front of the school. Choi Yul (played by Yoon Hyun-soo), a student in Seo-won and Hae-na's class, discovered this and helped her by presenting the cider. Seo-won, who was still concerned about Hae-na, who was shocked by this incident, approached Hae-na first and tried to clear up the misunderstanding that she hated him. At that moment, a childhood memory related to a dog came to mind, and Hae-won, who couldn't stop talking and saw Seo-won's anxious expression, took a step toward each other with comforting words, "Everyone has their own circumstances, and each person may have a secret in their heart." I approached.

Under the pretext of an unpleasant incident in front of the school, delinquent students who had a grudge against Yul, whom they met by chance at a convenience store, started a fight. At that time, Haena received a call from Earth University and headed to Yul. After solving the case, there was not much time left for the curse to be activated, so she tried to rush home. However, in the end, she turned into Gaena in front of Yul and her identity was revealed, and when Yul saw this with her own eyes, she was so shocked that she lost her mind.

Yul, who finally came to his senses, picked up Hannah, who had become a dog, and took her to his house, and like that, Hannah and Yul faced the morning together. At this time, Seowon appears and sees Hae-na in Yul's room. Hae-na also looks at Seowon and asks, "Is this a dream?" In the next episode, we will see how he will overcome the biggest crisis in his life and find out that Yul's uncle is Seo-won. It raised curiosity about.

The viewership rating for the second episode of 'I'm Lovely Dog Today' recorded 2.6% for households in the metropolitan area (provided by Nielsen Korea) and 2.8% for households nationwide (provided by Nielsen Korea). In particular, the action scene in which Seowon saves Hae-na, who is being threatened by delinquent students, had the highest viewership rating of 3.4% (based on the metropolitan area).

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