Choosing my next project because of Shin Ha-kyun... Shin Jae-ha "Time to grow as an actor"
Choosing my next project because of Shin Ha-kyun... Shin Jae-ha "Time to grow as an actor"
Shin Jae-ha cited the screenplay and Shin Ha-kyun as reasons for choosing 'Biography of a Villain' because he was curious about the ending.

Genie TV's original drama 'Biography of a Villain' (written by Seo Hee and Seung-hoon Lee/directed by Kim Jeong-min and Kim Seong-min/planned by KT Studio Genie/produced by Film Monster) is a crime noir drama that tells the story of a subsistence lawyer who meets an absolute villain and transforms into an elite villain. It will be released for the first time on Saturday, October 14th through TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA. ENA Channel is expanding its Saturday-Sunday drama slots to target home theaters on weekends.

In 'Biography of a Villain', Shin Jae-ha played the role of Han Beom-jae, a character who is overcome by complex emotions as he encounters his older brother Han Dong-soo (played by Shin Ha-kyun), who is turning into a villain. In the play, Han Beom-jae introduces lucrative jobs to help his brother, who is a lawyer, but gets caught up in a dangerous incident with his brother. Shin Jae-ha, who made his mark with his unexpected villain performances in 'One Hit Scandal' and 'Model Taxi 2' in the first half of 2023, is attracting attention by predicting a transformation that is contrary to his previous works. We asked Shin Jae-ha why he chose 'Biography of a Villain' and his story about the character.

◆ The reason why Shin Jae-ha was ‘Shin Ha-kyun = Ha-kyun God’ “We appeared in a project together… “My dream came true”

What attracted you to ‘Biography of a Villain’ that made you decide to appear? Shin Jae-ha said, “First of all, when I read the script, I was really curious about the ending. After meeting the director, I became confident in the character of Beomjae. “More than anything, I chose it because I was able to fulfill my dream of working with senior Shin Ha-kyun.”

Shin Jae-ha, who received attention for his special chemistry with Jung Kyung-ho and Lee Je-hoon in his previous works. ‘Biography of the Wicked’ also foretells the chemistry between men and women. Shin Jae-ha and Shin Ha-kyun are expected to soar the level of immersion and tension in the drama by depicting them as brothers in crisis. Shin Jae-ha said, “I learned a lot from senior Shin Ha-kyun. It was a time for me to grow further as an actor by sharing many things, such as the details of character analysis and various methods of constructing characters. “I think these learnings will definitely be visible in acting, and I think they will be diversely reflected in the appearances of brothers Dong-soo and Beom-jae in the drama,” he said, raising expectations.

◆ “A villain again this time? Not really… “I feel at ease”

Shin Jae-ha, who has shown off his villainous acting skills in succession, attracts attention by not playing a villainous role in 'Biography of a Villain'. Shin Jae-ha emphasized, “A lot of people are wondering if I am the villain this time, but I really am not.” He added, “Beom-jae is Dong-su’s half-brother and is an ordinary character who works at a computer store. “He is a single dad with a young daughter, and he is a person who energizes Dong-su’s family with his strong vitality and unique brightness.” He added, “First of all, I felt at ease” because he didn’t have to act evil in this work.

He also talked about the points to watch for ‘Biography of a Bad Man’. Shin Jae-ha predicted the emotional turbulence that would occur when brothers Dong-soo and Beom-jae met Seo Do-young (played by Kim Young-kwang), the second-in-command in a criminal organization. He said, “I hope you will pay close attention to the shocking events that occur after three people meet and the characters changing as they look at those events from different perspectives.” He said, “The psychology of the characters changes every episode and the story flows unpredictably.” It made me look forward to it.

Meanwhile, Genie TV's original drama 'Villain Biography' will be released for the first time on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA on October 14th, and will be released every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google