'I'm Solo' 16th season, shocking twist amidst the fake news mess
'I'm Solo' 16th season, shocking twist amidst the fake news mess
The 16th season of ‘I’m SOLO’ heralds another creepy twist marked by ‘Love God’.

In the ENA, SBS PLUS entertainment show 'I Am SOLO', which will be broadcast on the 20th, 'Solo Country 16th Street', which has entered the second random date, is depicted.

On this day, the 16th group of solo men and women will go on a second random date with photos submitted in advance before entering 'Solo Country', following Hanbok. Single men choose by looking at pictures of the single women's mothers, and single women choose by looking at the pictures of the single men's fathers, and the men and women who match each other go on a date. Single men and women also choose baby photos that they like, and here, men and women who choose each other's childhood photos go on dates and test their 'fate'.

After a while, MC Lee Yi-kyung, who confirmed the matched couple through the photos of the single man and woman's parents, was shocked and asked, "How can this happen?" Song Hae-na also said, "Oh my! “Awesome!” he shouts. With the birth of the 16th 'fated couple' that seems to have been predicted by heaven, Defcon predicts a pink ending, saying, "It's coming to an end."

Single men and women also express goosebumps and astonishment as they look at the couple who became the main characters of 'Random Date'. One single woman was surprised and said, “Why is it so funny?” and another single man said, “Isn’t that what the production team planned?” “It really doesn’t make sense, does it?” he laughs.
'I'm Solo' 16th season, shocking twist amidst the fake news mess
'I'm Solo' 16th season, shocking twist amidst the fake news mess
Then, in 'Random Time', where they select photos from each other's childhood, a 'creepy finale' situation occurs. Lee Yi-kyung clicked his tongue, asking, “How did this happen again?” and Han, a single woman, trembled and asked, “What is this, a drama?” Attention is focused on what happened on the second random date in ‘Solo Country 16’.

'I am SOLO', which aired on the 13th, recorded an average viewer rating of 7.4% (combined figure of ENA and SBS PLUS based on pay-TV households in the metropolitan area) according to Nielsen Korea, breaking its own highest viewer rating for two consecutive weeks. The highest viewer rating per minute soared to a whopping 8.2%.

It ranked 2nd in the 'Comprehensive TV Topic' in the first week of September compiled by Good Data Corporation, and took 1st place in the 'Top 10 TV Search Responses'. In the 'Top 10 non-drama search issue keywords', 1st place ('I am SOLO' 16th class), 2nd place ('I am SOLO' gallery), 3rd place ('I SOLO' 16th class Youngsook), 4th place ('I am SOLO' 16th class) official video). They swept a whopping 7 rankings, including 6th ('I am SOLO' 16th Instagram), 7th ('I am SOLO' broadcast time), and 10th ('I am SOLO' 16th Oksun).

The results of the second random date of the 16th 'Single Single Special' can be confirmed on 'I am SOLO', which airs at 10:30 pm on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google