Announcer Kim Dae-ho: “The mother who was forcing me to get married suddenly changed her attitude.”
Announcer Kim Dae-ho: “The mother who was forcing me to get married suddenly changed her attitude.”
The fourth story of MBC talk show ‘Run away’ is revealed.

When the topic of marriage came up that day, the MCs also revealed episodes about it. Announcer Kim Dae-ho reveals that his mother, who had been pushing him to get married, suddenly changed her attitude toward marriage 180 degrees. The reason is that after feeling Kim Dae-ho's popularity after appearing on 'I Live Alone', he actually supported his son's single life.

Kim Dae-ho makes everyone laugh by saying that his mother, whom he met not long ago, said, “Now that I think about it, I don’t think it’s a bad idea for you to live alone any longer.” Then, MC Kim Gura also tells an anecdote about a gift he received from his son Gree. In response to MC Gree’s gift that was half sincerity and half indifferent, Kim Gu-ra said, “You’re still like that. He couldn't help but laugh, saying, "What is this?", arousing curiosity.

In this story, the story of narcissistic parents' misery-level obsession with a man in his 30s is revealed.

The story goes that he was raised by parents who valued social authority and reputation. However, the older sister, who was pushing for a marriage that was opposed by her parents, ends up breaking her natural law due to her mother's extreme atrocities. Afterwards, the mother's obsession turns to her son, and he also finds someone he wants to marry and introduces him to his parents, but ends up facing the same situation as his older sister. Kim Gu-ra, who saw this, couldn't help but get angry and asked, "What are you doing?" and Satire was shocked, saying, "It's like a last-minute drama."

The recording of the actual story with the mother released in the studio is even more shocking. The mother uses her hurt toward her older sister as a weapon to say harsh words to the storyteller, and upon hearing this again, the storyteller ends up crying. When an adult man in his 30s, who was not even a child, cried out due to his mother's harsh words, the cast members were unable to say anything for a while out of sadness beyond shock.

As the storyteller gathers his emotions, the 'Stop Avengers' reveal similar anecdotes of their own. First, broadcaster Satire approaches the storyteller by revealing the story of being separated from his father for 10 years. At the same time, he offers sympathy and comfort to the pain of the storyteller, saying that conflict between families is more difficult than conflict in any human relationship. Kim Dae-ho also carefully confessed that he had a similar conversation with his parents after he was discharged from the military because they were sensitive at times, so attention is being paid to what decision the storyteller will make after listening to the advice of the MC and experts about his relationship with his parents.

'Run', which tells the timing of breaking up with the devil, will be broadcast at 10:50 pm on this day.

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