Go Ara, main character in ‘Chunhwa Love Story’
Go Ara, main character in ‘Chunhwa Love Story’
Actress Go A-ra will take on the role of Princess Hwari, the main character of TVING's original series 'Chunhwa Love Story', in place of Go Ah-seong, who withdrew due to an injury.

On the 13th, TVING announced this news. 'Chunhwa Love Story' is a romantic historical drama about Princess Hwari, the royal princess, who goes out into the world and enjoys free love in order to choose her husband.

Go Ara begins her transformation into Princess Hwari, a free-spirited royal princess. Princess Hwari is a person who declares that she will directly select a sire after free love. We plan to depict an independent journey to independently find love.

Expectations are also high for the collaboration with the characters around him, including Jang Ryul, who plays Choi Hwan, the first sire candidate. Chan-hee as the Sungkyunkwan elite Jangwon, Son Woo-hyun as the crown prince and Hwari's eldest brother Crown Prince (Seung), and Han Seung-yeon as Jang-won's talented younger sister Ji-won have been selected, raising curiosity about what kind of narrative will be created with them.

‘Chunhwa Love Story’ will be released in 2024.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google