Jo Woo-jong "I live in a different room with Jung Da-eun, I don't think it's my house"
Jo Woo-jong "I live in a different room with Jung Da-eun, I don't think it's my house"
Jo Woo-jong and Jung Da-eun confessed that they lived in separate rooms.

In the SBS entertainment show 'Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 - You Are My Destiny' ('Same Bed, Different Dreams 2'), which aired on the 28th, Jo Woo-jong and Jung Da-eun joined as a new married couple.

On this day, Jo Woo-jong said, “My wife is at Seoul National University, my parents are at Seoul National University, my father is at Yonsei University, my younger brother is at Yonsei University, and I also graduated from foreign school. When I go abroad, my relatives are Harvard, Cornell, Brown, Princeton,” he boasted.

Then, the public daily life was the appearance of Jo Woo-jong living alone in a small room. He said, “I am living apart from my family due to unavoidable circumstances.”

The room where Cho Woo-jong was sleeping was a room where he and his wife and daughter slept separately, and when Oh Sang-jin expressed it as “separated sleep,” Jo Woo-jong objected, “Isn’t separated sleep something children do?” However, Seo Jang-hoon also said, “Each room is more strange. Separation sleep is accurate,” he said.

Jo Woo-jong said, “My own house is correct. Somehow it doesn't seem like it. It seems that it is my land, and if I go beyond it, it is like committing a sin. During quiet times, I try not to intrude any more,” he said. My wife is a person who needs to sleep a lot to make a living. There are times when I get very annoyed when I wake up in the middle, and I don't want to break the rhythm. I try not to go any further,” he explained.

Jung Da-eun, who woke up after Jo Woo-jong went to work, said, “I am Jeong Da-eun, a former KBS announcer. Currently, as Jo Woo-jong's wife and Jo A-yoon's mother, she is faithful at home." Jo Woo-jong repeatedly referred to his wife as "a graduate of Seoul National University" and boasted, "She is a wife who pursues first-class experience, perfectionism, and speedism in the entire school."

Jo Woo-jong then said of his wife, “From my point of view, I am not an adult. 7 years old A wife like a 7-year-old daughter.” On the other hand, Jung Da-eun said of Jo Woo-jong, “He looks like an elderly man in his 70s. There are times when I'm salty and I notice a lot. He resembles our 70-year-old father.”

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google