Go Woo-rim, the reason why he became the husband loved by 'Queen' Yuna Kim... "It fits my values well"
Go Woo-rim, the reason why he became the husband loved by 'Queen' Yuna Kim... "It fits my values well"
Forestella Go Woo-rim shares tips for becoming a loving husband to his wife Kim Yuna.

In the 20th episode of KBS2's 'Walking into the Hall of Fever', which airs on the 4th, the new groom Go Woo-rim gives his wife Kim Yuna a tip that made him a loving husband.

On this day, Go Woo-rim, a junior in marriage and the eldest brother, Bae Doo-hoon, goes out to support. Bae Doo-hoon got married in May after dating for 8 years, becoming Forestella's second sold-out man after Go Woo-rim.

Go Woo-rim and Yuna Kim often have conversations on the subject of "It's better to do well on a regular basis than to do well once after being bad at usual times." He also gives sincere advice as a senior in marriage, saying, "It's just a matter of showing the same image consistently and unchangingly."

Along with this, Go Woo-rim showed a cooking demonstration on the spot, such as potato pancakes and bibim noodles that captivated Kim's taste buds at once, as well as the secret of grilling meat, and generously shared love tips and cooking tips.

On the other hand, Forestella receives the attention of the studio cast by telling the story behind the marriage of Yuna Kim and Woorim Go. Kang Hyeong-ho said, "I was the first person to know about their secret love affair." I found out about the secret relationship after seeing Gae Jin's photo," revealing Go Woo-rim's cute pride.

Bae Doo-hoon also said, "We kept the youngest's secret until the end, but Woo-rim talked about (secret love with Yuna)" and pointed out Go Woo-rim, who couldn't hide his love even during a secret relationship, and made everyone laugh. In response, Go Woo-rim gave an explanation, not an explanation, saying, "It was too embarrassing to say 'Let's meet' directly."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google