"I need sex life lessons" Han Chae-ah, marital relationship counseling request
"I need sex life lessons" Han Chae-ah, marital relationship counseling request
Actress Han Chae-ah makes the audience cringe with her non-stop candid conversation, from asking for couples counseling to confessing to her birth.

MBN's 'Couple on Rest' is a program that finds a 'sexless' solution for restoring a happy marital relationship for couples who live 'sexless' for various social and personal reasons. In the 10th episode of 'Couples on Rest', which airs on the 21st (today), the male hormone status of the husbands who are taking a break is revealed for the first time while the second workshop is on its last day.

On this day, Chae-ah Han saw that the 'resting couple' were given a 'one-point lesson' related to sex life, and after exclaiming, "One-point lesson is okay," she asked gynecologist Hye-seong Park, "Is it possible for me too?" And at the word “of course”, he said “Oh good” and laughed with delight. At this time, when Hong Seong-woo, the twisted type, jokes, “Isn’t it wrong to connect broadcasting with private life?”

Next, Han Chae-ah saw a call taxi among the resting wives worried about her age in relation to pregnancy and childbirth, and said, “I also got pregnant at the age of 38. But they said it was not old age,” and confessed, “When I asked if I should have a pre-birth test, I was told that 38 years old was the cut-off, so it was okay.” Furthermore, it is said that Sae-Rom Kim, who heard this, laughed while sweeping his chest, saying, "Phew, I'm glad."

On this day, husbands who take a break listen to the results of sperm and male hormone status tested earlier and receive private lessons about unspeakable concerns, attracting attention. In particular, it is surprising that a husband with better sperm status and hormone levels than expected and a husband with a surprisingly weak constitution were born. In particular, as soon as Noah heard his sperm count, he pretended to call his parents, boasted, “80 million Ma”, and called each other “Hey, 80 million younger brother!” It is said that he was called by the number of sperm such as “Oh, 100 million brother”, and the curiosity gathers about who will be the “Sperm King” of the husband who is taking a break.

The production team said, “The resting husbands formed the ‘sperm avengers’ with better health than expected, leading to laughter.” I give you,” he said.

The 10th episode of 'Couple on Rest' will be broadcast on the 21st at 10:10 pm.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr
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