Namgoong Min, the fatal charm of a grown man
Namgoong Min, the fatal charm of a grown man
Actor Namgoong-min is radiating the charm of a deadly adult man.

Lee Jang-hyeon (played by Namgoong-min), the male lead in the MBC Friday-Saturday drama 'Lovers', is a person with extreme charm. Lee Jang-hyeon looks sly, but hides sharpness and sadness behind it. At first glance, he acts as if he is interested in many women, but in reality he is a genuine man who only looks at one woman. There is not only intelligence and masculinity, but also strong narrative and mystery.

Actor Namgoong-min plays the charming male protagonist Lee Jang-hyeon. What we need to pay attention to here is that Lee Jang-hyeon portrayed by Namgoong-min is not a shabang-shabang flower girl armed with innocence and freshness, but a lethal adult man who can't get out of it if he gets hooked.

Before the outbreak of the Byeongja Horan, Lee Jang-hyun smiled and said, "I'm different from the men Nang-ja has met so far" to Yu Gil-chae (played by Ahn Eun-jin) who boldly asks why he doesn't blush when he sees him. At that time, Lee Jang-hyun looked at Yu Gil-chae as if he was cute. Then, he lifted the yugilchae and put it off the ship. Also, when Yoo Gil-chae lost heart, Lee Jang-hyeon pretended to be calm and said, “Come to me.” He pretended not to, but Gil-chae Yu's heart pounded.

Lee Jang-hyun's charm as a grown-up man that comes in like this became stronger after the outbreak of the Byeongja Horan. Lee Jang-hyun firmly said to Yoo Gil-chae, who refused to evacuate, "I am not interested in anyone else either." It can be said that this scene showed that Lee Jang-hyeon's gaze and heart were directed only to Yu Gil-chae.

Gil-chae Yu was on the verge of losing her life to the barbarian during the evacuation, but Lee Jang-hyeon appeared and saved her. The moment he found Yu Gil-chae, Lee Jang-hyeon's eyes shook. Lee Jang-hyeon, who did not show his emotions even when killing barbarians, was agitated by Yoo Gil-chae. Also, even at the moment when he passed the life-or-death crisis, he smiled excitedly at the fact that Yoo Gil-chae called himself Seobang-nim.

As can be seen from Lee Jang-hyun's lines in the play, Lee Jang-hyun is not an innocent man who blushes at the glance of a woman. He has gone through great trials, has a lot of distribution, and knows how to shake a woman's heart. Instead of fresh innocence, he is a grown-up man with a charm you want to lean on.

The extreme situation of war makes Lee Jang-hyeon, 'the man I want to lean on' more attractive. Here, actor Namgoong-min's perfect acting skills, perfect control, and melodramatic eyes that contain affection and affection at the same time are added, and women's hearts are bound to be shaken. Lee Jang-hyun captured the heart of Yoo Gil-chae as well as the hearts of female viewers in front of the TV.

Episode 5 of 'Lovers' will be broadcast on the 18th at 9:50 pm.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google