A wife enjoying a one-night stand, bought a woman to make her husband an adulterous man
A wife enjoying a one-night stand, bought a woman to make her husband an adulterous man
ENA·SBS Plus 'Real Lawman's Sue Man and Woman (hereafter Sue Man and Woman)' uncovered the '100% true story' endgame cases.

In 'Sweet Man and Woman', which aired on the 8th, a sharp confrontation between a wife who had cheated on her five times and her husband who had cheated on her during a divorce lawsuit, a wife who gave an artificial abortion to an azoospermian husband's will, and a garbage husband who had a wedding without his wife's knowledge. Relationships between men and women were dealt with.

The first story, 'Just one bite!' Pyeon is the story of a husband who fell into extreme despair after finding out that his wife, whom he thought was a good wife, enjoyed sleeping with strangers overnight through the 'Geumsa Café'. When the scandalous personal life of cheating five times in five years of marriage was revealed, the wife made an excuse that she needed compensation to endure the difficult marriage life, such as her mother-in-law's corrupting behavior and her husband's job loss. However, when the husband adamantly demanded a divorce, the wife tried to invalidate the divorce suit by instigating the husband's juniors at work and trapping the husband in an affair.

Regarding this, attorney Lee Sang-ho, who specializes in divorce cases, said, "The husband's affair was wrong, but it is not easy to maintain the marriage relationship even after knowing the wife's past. Moreover, because the wife had a scheme to trap her husband, even if the husband is at fault, A divorce case is possible." In addition, he added, "If there is conclusive evidence that the other person was aware that he had a spouse, it is possible to file a lawsuit against five cheating men."

The second story, 'The Heirs', featured a wife who successfully conceived by donating sperm under an agreement with her azoospermia husband, but suffered an artificial abortion according to the will after her husband's death. Upon learning of this, the mother-in-law deprived the daughter-in-law of her son's right to inherit the house in her son's name, claiming that the daughter-in-law was not her biological grandson and that she was unfair because of her husband's will.

After watching the video, Kim Yong-myeong asked, "What is the rate of azoospermia in Korea?" He explained, "There are quite a few. There are also types of azoospermia. If the vas deferens are blocked, you can pierce them or collect sperm directly from the testicles. However, there are diseases in which the testicles cannot produce sperm at all. You shouldn't even beat them to death."

Regarding the case, attorney Son Jeong-hye, who specializes in family cases, explained, "There is a reason for disqualification for inheritance. This includes those who intentionally killed an immediate ascendant or who killed or intends to kill an heir in the same or senior rank." "In the civil law, the fetus is also considered to have already been born regarding the order of inheritance. If the fetus is aborted, it is murdered, so it becomes disqualified for inheritance. Therefore, the wife in this case has unfair points, but cannot inherit."

The third story, 'Husband's secret business trip', tells the story of a wife who is in a common-law relationship and asks for a divorce without even trying. The wife, who found out about this belatedly, turned the wedding hall into a mess, and it was revealed that her mother-in-law also participated in the wedding, which made viewers hold back their necks.

Attorney Eon Lee, who specializes in detectives from special prosecutors, responded to Kim Jun-hyun's question, "Is there actually a case of double marriage?" He replied, "It happens often. It's very common." shocked everyone Regarding this, Kwakchu-hyung said, "If you explain it medically, catharsis is no joke. I feel extreme pleasure watching my wife passing by my wife from the house and the wife from next door." Lee Ji-hyun was angry, saying, "Isn't that a mental illness?" Kim Ji-min was sad, saying, "The sense of betrayal my wife must have felt is many times over."

Regarding the claim for the cost of the wedding that the bigamy partner in the drama demands from his wife, "Compensation for damages is illegal and it can be established if there is a causal relationship that it occurred. If he knew that he was married, he would not have married. It should be charged.” He also added, “Because common-law marriages are equally protected in accordance with legal marriages, the wife can claim property division and alimony.”

'Real Lawman's Sue Man and Woman' is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:40 pm.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google