"It's long and warm" Ahn Bo-hyunga Andong-gu, two handsome men revealing the filming site
"It's long and warm" Ahn Bo-hyunga Andong-gu, two handsome men revealing the filming site
With only two episodes left until the end of tvN's 'Please Take Care of This Student', Shin Hye-sun, Ahn Bo-hyun, Ha Yoon-kyung, and Andong-gu, who heated up the world with their full-body acting and chemistry, are captured and attracted attention.

tvN's Saturday and Sunday drama 'Take Care of This Student' (Director Lee Na-jeong/Screenwriter Choi Young-lim, Han Ah-reum/Planning Studio Dragon/Production Studio N, Fine Cut) is the 19th episode of life remembering the previous life, 'Ban Ji-eum' must meet 'Mun Seo-ha' A reckless reincarnation romance that unfolds while looking for '.

Based on the webtoon of the same name by author Lee Hye, which gained popularity with a Naver Webtoon rating of 9.98 and a cumulative global view of 700 million views, 'Please Take Care of This Student' is a story about the 19th episode of life, Baneum (played by Shin Hye-seon), memories and memories accumulated in previous lives. With experience as a weapon, it stands tall as a must-see drama for viewers, drawing a reincarnation romance that continues the relationship of this life with Mun Mun-ha (played by Ahn Bo-hyun), a 'relationship in a previous life'. Accordingly, in the 10th episode, which aired on the 16th (Sunday), the triangular relationship between Baneum, Munmunha, and Kang Min-ki (played by Lee Chae-min), in which good and bad relationships are mixed, explodes the conflict and continues the heat that does not cool down until the end.

Among them, the behind-the-scenes stills from the filming set of Shin Hye-sun, Ahn Bo-hyun, Ha Yoon-kyung, and Andong-gu, the lead actors of 'Take Care of This Student', add to the regret of the imminent end. First, Shin Hye-sun and Ahn Bo-hyun, who were reborn as a perfect (pretty precious) negative couple through 'Take care of this student', stand out with their handsome visuals and sweet chemistry. In particular, the two of them posing for the camera and bursting with bright smiles prove that the synergy created by the Eumha couple in the play is by no means a coincidence.

In addition, Ha Yoon-kyung and An Dong-gu, who draw viewers' heartache by drawing a line in the drunken talk that honestly revealed their feelings toward each other in the play, show off their bright smiles and mischievous sides in the drama, causing laughter. In particular, the appearance of the four actors concentrating on rehearsal and monitoring reveals their passion for acting, and we can guess the reason for the favorable reviews pouring towards them.

On the other hand, 'Take care of this student', which has two episodes left until the end, makes us look forward to an unpredictable reversal development surrounding the first life of Ban Geum until the end. Kang Min-gi went to the document and said, “In the first previous life that Ji-eum saw, you and I were present. The story was foreshadowed, saying, “Please help Ban-eum-ssi become normal,” and saying, “I will be by your side, no matter what you choose.” Accordingly, attention is focused on what kind of finale 'Take care of this life' will be greeted.

Meanwhile, episode 11 of tvN's Saturday drama 'Take Care of This Student' will air on the 22nd (Sat) at 9:20 pm.

Reporter Ryu Ye-ji and Ten Asia ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google