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[Exclusive] Oh Eun-young "I oppose violence taught while beating, I don't mean to raise Onyao or Onya" [Interview②]
[Exclusive] Oh Eun-young "I oppose violence taught while beating, I don't mean to raise Onyao or Onya" [Interview②]

Oh Eun-young also explained the misunderstanding about the educational view of 'discipline without punishment'. Some cited Dr. Oh Eun-young's view of education, which has emphasized teaching and not beating, as one of the reasons for the decline in teaching authority. It is their argument that this view of education has planted the wrong ideas in parents, and the children's habits have also deteriorated.

Dr. Eun-Young Oh said, "Whose rights are less and more precious? The rights of teachers as well as students are precious. That has not changed. I am also heartbroken by the unfortunate death of a teacher. Some people's reasoning that it's because they don't hit hurts my heart."

He continued, "Since 2005, I've been doing 'My child has changed' for 11 years. At that time, the most important thing was discipline. My nickname was the discipline teacher," he said. "Parents should teach their children when they misbehave. Parents beat their children a lot. It's not that they didn't discipline them, they told them not to hit them. I've been emphasizing discipline all my life."

"The root cause of a child beating his teacher is that he is not properly taught what is right and wrong. Discipline is to teach what is right and wrong, what not to do and what to tolerate, and through that learn self-regulation skills."

Dr. Oh Eun-young was still opposed to 'violence'. He said, "You can discipline without hitting. You just have to say it firmly and clearly. You shouldn't think that you can discipline a child only by hitting it. Parental authority comes from leadership that cannot compromise. It is violence that brings people down. Violence cannot be justified by anyone. Teachers against students, students against teachers, parents against students, and students against parents. People shouldn't hit people. This incident It broke my heart the most when I saw the story spreading that I had to hit a child as an opportunity. I also sincerely hope that teachers will work with pride as teachers."

“As a teacher, I think that a system that can safely guide children should be a priority.

Not hitting doesn't mean raising children. Dr. Eun-Young Oh said, "Discipline teaches the prohibition that one should never do what one should not do clearly with initiative and control. It is to set a limit that should not be done this way. It should not be done in the form of questions or requests." "In the past, I thought that children listened to me when I hit them. However, only the fear of physical fear remains in my memory. Later, I don't know what I did wrong, and I offset what I did wrong and what I was hit with. Also, when I am in trouble, I can hit others. Yes. It is not a good method just because it responds quickly.”

"I'm not saying don't teach right and wrong. It's not that I'm not asking you to raise a child who doesn't have any quirks. It's that people shouldn't hit people. These days, corporal punishment is widely applied, but I'm against the violence of hitting, not corporal punishment."

Among the corporal punishments, the 'thinking chair' proposed by Dr. Oh Eun-young as one of the solutions can also be included. Corporal punishment can be one of the means of education, but as a specific method, the principle that violence should not be emphasized again.

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