Namgoong-min, who has a fiancee, embraced Ahn Eun-jin
Namgoong-min, who has a fiancee, embraced Ahn Eun-jin
'My Dearest' showed the possibility of a masterpiece that will succeed the genealogy of MBC's luxury historical dramas.

On the 4th, MBC's new Friday-Saturday drama 'My Dearest' premiered. 'My Dearest' is a human history melodrama about the love of lovers and the vitality of the people who pass each other through the Byeongja Horan. The veiled 'My Dearest' was beautiful and elegant enough to meet expectations. The story, visual beauty, directing, and actors' passionate performances were harmonized. The broadcast on this day started off smoothly with a nationwide rating of 5.4% and the highest rating at the moment recorded 7.1% (Nielsen Korea).

The first episode of "My Dearest" began with Shin I-rip (played by Ha Kyung), Ji-pyeong, who was looking for traces of Lee Jang-hyeon (played by Namgoong-min), a man who remained in the first place after the death of Crown Prince Sohyeon. After visiting Hyeminseo, he encountered a madman who only responded to the name Lee Janghyeon. As questions soared about what kind of man Lee Jang-hyun was and what the relationship between Lee Jang-hyun and the madman was, the screen showed Lee Jang-hyun standing on the beach covered in blood, raising tension.

Time went back to the spring of the 14th year of King Injo (1636). In Neunggun-ri, a rich and free-spirited town, there was Yu Gil-chae (played by Ahn Eun-jin), a baby from a good family. Gil-chae Yu captivated the hearts of the men in Neunggun-ri with her witty charm and was called the 'fox with 99 tails'. However, the real Yu Gil-chae was a cute woman who hoped for happy love and dreamed of meeting the young boy of destiny every night.

The man Gil-chae Yoo had in mind was Nam Yeon-jun (played by Hak-joo Lee), the fiancé of her close friend Eun-ae Gyeong (played by Da-in Lee). Nam Yeon-jun brought up the story of the humiliating envoy sent by Later Jin, who was at war with the Ming Dynasty, to the king of Joseon, and insisted on appealing to the Confucian scholars in Neunggun-ri. While Nam Yeon-joon was raising his voice, a mysterious man, Lee Jang-hyun, appeared. Lee Jang-hyun refuted Nam Yeon-joon's words one by one. He said that later Jin, who regarded them as barbarians, might win, and that Confucian scholars who firmly believed that Heavenly Mandate was in the Ming Dynasty were absurd.

After saying that, Lee Jang-hyun, who quietly disappeared, became a hot topic in Neunggun-ri at once. He has a lot of wealth, but can't enter the seowon, and he insists on 'non-marriage' and resonates with many women. Some even went so far as to circulate rumors that Lee Jang-hyeon, originally a man, bought a Gongmyeong concubine with money and pretended to be a nobleman. Yoo Gil-chae, who had a negative prejudice after seeing Lee Jang-hyeon refute Nam Yeon-jun's words, also showed curiosity.

Among them, Gil-chae Yoo headed to the swing on top of the hill to attract Nam Yeon-jun's attention. In this place where everyone can see, Gil-chae Yu stomps her feet cunningly while riding on a swing, and then falls slightly on purpose. The men of Neunggun-ri who saw the scene rushed to the hill. Just in time, seeing Yoo Gil-chae on a swing, feeling curious, Lee Jang-hyeon also headed for the hill. However, instead of Yoo Gil-chae, Nam Yeon-joon chose to stay with his fiancee Kyung Eun-ae.

Yu Gil-chae, who got horny because Nam Yeon-jun did not come, climbed the swing again with the unfixed string. Then, the swing line suddenly broke in the air, and Yu Gil-chae's body floated in the air. Lee Jang-hyun, who arrived at the hill just in time, hugged her. Yu Gil-chae, who is snugly embraced by Lee Jang-hyun. In an instant, the eyes of the two met. “Have you ever heard the sound of flowers blooming? my today... I heard that strange sound,” said Lee Jang-hyun's low voice. It was the first ending that hinted at the beginning of Lee Jang-hyeon's love for Yu Gil-chae.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google