Young Tak, fandom name revealed for the first time
Young Tak, fandom name revealed for the first time
Singer Young Tak celebrated his birthday with fans and revealed his official fandom name for the first time.

On the 12th, Young Tak held a YouTube live commemoration of his birthday and had time to communicate closely with his fans. This online birthday party was planned because Young Tak wanted to celebrate his birthday with his fans, and it drew a warm response. Young Tak said, “I opened a live broadcast for the fans who support me from afar,” and added, “This birthday is the day that Young Tak grew by one year.”

In particular, on this day, Young Tak first revealed the official fandom name as 'YOUNGTAK & BLUES', drawing a warm response from fans. Young Tak, who revealed the official fandom name as ‘YOUNGTAK & BLUES’ during the live broadcast, said, “I hope we can continue to walk together for a long time like now. “I hope it comes across as a good gift to my people,” he explained.

'YOUNGTAK & BLUES' is a word that combines the plural form of the artist name YOUNGTAK and the fandom symbol COBALT BLUE.

In addition, as the day of the live broadcast was the day before his birthday, Young Tak made a wish with a cake, and took the time to sincerely answer questions that fans were curious about, drawing an enthusiastic response.

Young Tak, who had a happy time at the online birthday party with fans for about an hour, said, “I’m only listening to my music that I’m working on these days. “I want to greet you often with good music,” he said.

Young Tak is continuously breaking the record of 530,000 copies (same initial sales) with his 1st full-length album 'MMM' and 620,000 copies with his 2nd full-length album 'FORM', and is holding season 2 of the national tour brand 'Young Tak's solo concert TAK SHOW: TAK'S WORLD'. It is leading to a sellout.

In addition, last year, he added to his acting business card by appearing in the JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Gangnam-soon', and is celebrating his 19th anniversary as a brilliant singer by winning three awards at the '2024 Universal Superstar Awards'.

Young Tak, who spent meaningful time with fans through a live performance commemorating his birthday, will go on stage at the '2024 Powerful K-Trot Festival' to be held at Daegu Stadium on the 25th.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google