Kyubin releases ‘Special’ video
Kyubin releases ‘Special’ video
Rookie singer Kyubin released his new song Instagram video.

Kyubin's agency, Liveworks Company, released the lyric instrumental video for the new song 'Special' with Nell Kim Jong-wan, the last of a three-series collaboration project, through its official SNS and YouTube channels at 11 PM on the 23rd.

In the released video, the lyrics of the new song are included while the instrumental sound of the new song 'Special', which fully embodies the emotions of Kyubin and Nell Kim Jong-wan, is played against the backdrop of the sunset view from inside the subway.

In particular, the lyric video for 'Special' is characterized by Kyubin's hope that listeners will feel the message of comfort and support delivered to all youth more meaningfully and imagine the melody along with it.

Kyubin's 'Special' is a special collaboration song with Nell's Kim Jong-wan composing and writing lyrics, as well as producing and singing. It follows the collaboration song 'Doodle' with Wonstein and 'Start To Shine' with Dynamic Duo's Gaeko. This song will mark the final chapter of the 3-part project.

Meanwhile, Kyubin and Nell Kim Jong-wan's collaboration song 'Special' will be released through various online music sites at 6 PM on the 25th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
translated by google