All three of NewJeans' albums have reached hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify.
All three of NewJeans' albums have reached hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify.
NewJeans put all the songs included in the three albums released so far on Spotify's billion-dollar streaming list.

According to Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, on the 10th, NewJeans (Minzy, Hani, Daniel, Hae-rin, Hye-in)'s second EP 'Get Up' and the song 'Get Up' of the same name have accumulated 100.11 million sales as of the 8th. Played 6371 times. 'Get Up', released in July of last year, is a kind of interlude song that connects other songs in the album. Even though it is a short song of about 36 seconds in length, it was praised for its dreamy tone and delicate expressiveness by the NewJeans members, and after receiving constant love, it joined Spotify's billion-dollar streaming ranks.

As a result, NewJeans has a total of 12 songs worth hundreds of millions of streaming songs, including 4 songs from the debut album 'New Jeans', 2 songs from the single album 'OMG', and 6 songs from the second EP 'Get Up'. 'OMG' was played more than 600 million times, 'Ditto' and 'Hype Boy' were played more than 500 million times each, 'Super Shy' was played more than 400 million times, 'Attention' was played more than 300 million times, 'Cookie' and ' ‘New Jeans’ and ‘ETA’ were played more than 200 million times each, and ‘Hurt’, ‘Cool With You’, ‘ASAP’, and ‘Get Up’ were played more than 100 million times each.

The combined cumulative number of streams on Spotify for all songs released by NewJeans exceeded 4 billion. Since each song released by NewJeans (NewJeans), regardless of whether it is a previous work or a new one, is popular with the public and receives positive reviews from critics, greater attention is being paid to their new double single 'How Sweet', which will be released on the 24th of next month.

Pre-orders for 'How Sweet' will begin at 11 am on the 26th, and the music video for the song 'Bubble Gum' will be pre-released at midnight on the 27th. 'Bubble Gum' was partially released on the 8th as the theme song for Japan's Fuji TV's morning broadcast program 'Mezamashi 8' and as a Japanese shampoo commercial CM song.

'Bubble Gum' is a song that lets you feel New Genes' unique refreshing charm by adding a cool pad synth sound to a simple drum pattern. The refreshing visuals of the members in the CM and the song combine to attract attention.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google