SISTAR19, comeback after 11 years... Shined until the end
SISTAR19, comeback after 11 years... Shined until the end
SISTAR19 finished the official promotion of its comeback single 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' with positive reviews.

SISTAR19 concluded its official K-pop stage activities for its comeback single album 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' with the final performance of SBS' 'Inkigayo' on the 28th. Even though it was a short two-week comeback, they left a strong impression on every stage and presented a special time to fans who had been waiting for a long time.

SISTAR19, who made a comeback with the new single album 'NO MORE (MA BOY)', continued to carry out fruitful activities ranging from sexy to cute with the title song of the same name and the b-side song 'SAUCY', receiving a warm response from various K-pop fans. . SISTAR19, which started as a unit of the girl group SISTAR, succeeded in consecutive hits with its debut single 'Ma Boy' in 2011 and 'Because It's Not There' released in 2013, and reached 11 times on the 16th. They made a comeback as a unit legend in the music industry after a year and garnered attention.

Interest in SISTAR19 was heavily reported not only in Korea but also in foreign media. Upon their comeback, they received intensive attention day after day as an iconic duo in the K-pop scene from famous foreign media such as USA Today, Elle, Rolling Stone, FLAUNT, and HYPEBAE.

As the comeback received great anticipation and attention from K-pop fans, its chart performance was also hot. Upon the release of the new single album 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' on the 16th, it hit Korea's real-time charts and topped iTunes' global charts around the world, including France, Spain, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Turkuye, and Malaysia. Ranked first in 9 countries.

In particular, it ranked 2nd in 5 regions including the UK, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, and Indonesia, and ranked in the top 5 of the 'K-Pop Chart Album Chart' in a total of 17 regions including the Philippines, Vietnam, and the United States.

In addition, it ranked 6th in Taiwan, 6th in Thailand, 12th in Hong Kong, and 12th in Singapore on the 'Pop Album Chart' in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and France, and 9th in Taiwan, 10th in Thailand, and 12th in Hong Kong on the 'All Genre Album Chart'. It showed off its strong popularity by ranking 12th and 15th in Singapore.

The comeback title song 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' also took advantage of the challenge boom and became a hot topic online. World-famous choreography team 1Million's Lia Kim and Son Hye-yeon jointly participated, creating SISTAR 19's captivating performance of 'NO MORE (MA BOY)'. The choreography also went viral as the so-called 'magic lamp' challenge, forming a culture enjoyed by all K-pop fans, reaffirming SISTAR19's popularity and status.

SISTAR19, which has re-proven its reputation as a legendary unit by writing various new records on its comeback after 11 years, plans to continue individual activities with solo artist Hyorin and singer/actress Bora.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google