Eunbin Park releases OST for ‘Diva on a Deserted Island’
Eunbin Park releases OST for ‘Diva on a Deserted Island’
The Original Sound Track (hereinafter 'OST') of tvN's 'Diva of the Desert Island', a drama that heated up the second half of 2023, will be released on CD.

According to OST production company Music Buddy, pre-orders have been in progress since the 21st ahead of the release of the 'Diva on an Uninhabited Island' OST on January 5th next year.

This 'Diva of the Desert Island' OST CD includes all the songs (11 songs) of Park Eun-bin, who sang passionately as Seo Mok-ha in the drama and was loved by viewers, as well as songs by popular singers who sing about the compassion, pain, and hope of the actors in the video. , a special album that includes SCORE music that adds fun and emotion, in one package (4 CD). It is a gift-like album that will allow viewers who loved the drama to cherish the emotion of the drama forever.

In particular, the album consists of a 72p photobook, a 3-layer DVD digipak of a 48p photobook, a 48p photobook, and 4 album CDs. In particular, three types of unreleased photo cards are provided when purchasing online at iFive K-Pop Shop.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin will hold the FAN CONCERT, which has been held every year since three years ago, this time under the title <Eunbin Note: DIVA> at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park from Saturday, January 6 to Sunday, January 7, 2024. On this day, Park Eun-bin plans to give happy times and memories to everyone who loves her along with the songs that were loved by the public in the drama 'Diva of the Desert Island'. In particular, special benefits will be provided to those who purchase the OST CD at the concert venue, including a 10% discount on the sales price and three unreleased photo cards of Park Eun-bin.

Meanwhile, the OST album for the drama tvN's 'Desert Island Diva' is scheduled to be released on January 5th next year.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google