Mimi Rose, comeback on September 14th
Mimi Rose, comeback on September 14th
The group mimiirose unfolds a stronger pink world of music.

At midnight on the 21st, Mimi Rose (Choi Yeon-jae, In Hyo-ri, Han Ye-won, Yoon Ji-ah, and Seo Yoon-joo) released their Coming Soon image and made their comeback official on September 14.

The released image of Coming Soon boasts a pink mood as if expressing Mimi Rose's loveliness as it is, and caught the eye with a lovely and bouncy atmosphere.

Among them, the live performance of Mimi Rose, who will return to the music industry on September 14th, also raises expectations about what the meaning of 'LIVE' written on the pink wall will be.

Meanwhile, Mimi Rose officially debuted in September of last year with 'Rose', with singer Lim Chang-jung in charge of producing. Then, through 'Kill Me More', he spread his follow-up song activities and made his mark as a talented rookie.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google