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Suzy and Park Bo-gum sang a duet song from the movie 'Wonderland'

While the duet song between Suzy and Park Bo-gum, who appear as lovers in the movie 'Wonderland', is gaining attention, it is known that Park Bo-gum participated in writing the lyrics himself.'Wonderland' is a story about meeting a loved one again through Wonderland, a video call ser...

May 29, 2024

Lee Je-hoon lost weight for filming the movie 'Escape'

The movie 'Escape' has released character stills of Lee Je-hoon, who plays Gyu-nam, a North Korean soldier who began escaping beyond the barbed wire fence for tomorrow.'Escape' is a work depicting a life-threatening chase between North Korean soldier Gyu-nam (played by Lee Je-hoon), ...

May 29, 2024

'Moana 2' opens on November 27th

‘Moana 2’, the second story of the Disney animation ‘Moana’, has released its first teaser poster.'Moana' is Disney's flagship animation that recorded box office profits of $640 million worldwide, featuring both fantastic visuals that capture the wondrous sea and ...

May 29, 2024

Director of 'The Plot' said, "Kang Dong-won has easygoing charm"

Director Lee Yo-seop revealed the story behind the casting of Kang Dong-won for the movie 'The Plot'.On the 28th, I met director Lee Yo-seop of the movie ‘The Plot’ at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.'The Plot' is a movie about the story of Yeong-il, a designer who manipu...

May 28, 2024

'Escape' was pre-sold in 163 countries

The movie 'Escape' was pre-sold in 163 countries ahead of its release in July.'Escape' is a film depicting a life-threatening chase between Gyu-nam, a North Korean soldier who sets out to escape for tomorrow, and Hyeon-sang, an officer of the National Security Agency who chases after...

May 28, 2024

Park Bo-gum♥Suzy, the visual combination is so good

Actor Park Bo-gum released a behind-the-scenes cut of the movie 'Wonderland'.On the morning of the 27th, Park Bo-gum posted several photos on his Instagram with the message “Wonderland is here.” In addition to the solo photos, the affectionate couple shots with Suzy, who co-starr...

May 27, 2024