Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah announce plans for marriage and second generation
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah announce plans for marriage and second generation
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah took a photo shoot in hanbok to commemorate their 200th day.

In the 122nd episode of Channel A's entertainment show 'Man's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class')', which aired on the 10th, Danny Ahn visited the house of 'Dating Director' Sim Jin-hwa and received an intensive 'field study'. In addition, Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah dressed up beautifully in hanbok and took a 'pictorial'-quality couple photo with the help of a photographer who was Kim Dong-wan's elementary, middle, and high school classmate.

On a sunny summer day, Danny Ahn visited the home of Jin-hwa Shim and Won-hyo Kim with a bouquet of flowers. Shim Jin-hwa's house was impressive as it had a clean and spacious living room and a yard where dogs could run around. Danny An, who saw this, opened his mouth and said, “This is my dream house!” Jinhwa Shim said about the secret to a tidy house, “Wonhyo cleans very hard. “In all of our 14 years of marriage, he has never once nagged me to clean.” Vice Principal Lee Da-hae, who watched this in the studio, said, “We are the exact opposite. While I can't stand messy things in front of me, Seven is the type of person who doesn't find it bothersome. Also, (Mr. Seven) has a very strange habit: if he opens a door, whether it's a closet or a bathroom door, he won't close it. “He left the safe door open and left,” he revealed.

After a while, Danny Ahn took a cooking class from Wonhyo Kim and made finger food together. Afterwards, we shared food in the yard and had a pleasant conversation. Danny Ahn was envious, saying, “When I see people like Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo married and living well, I want to get married too.” In response, Shim Jin-hwa announced, “We invited a special guest today,” making Danny Ahn nervous. The special guest was none other than comedian Hong Yun-hwa. Hong Yun-hwa appealed that she was Danny Ahn's 'big fan' and said, "I hope my brother meets a good person and is happy. “Fans no longer say, ‘Oppa, (marriage) is not possible,’” he emphasized.

Next, we asked about Danny Ahn’s ideal type, and he said, “I like a bright person. “He is the kind of person who lifts the other person’s mood with good energy.” Accordingly, the three people busily searched for acquaintances on their phones, and in the meantime, Song Ji, another guest invited by Shim Jin-hwa, arrived.

Song Yi-ji, a comedian and tarot master, looked at Danny Ahn's love fortune at Sim Jin-hwa's request. However, when Song Yi-ji saw the card that Danny Ahn had drawn, her face darkened. After a while, Song Yi-ji explained, “This year, I think I will just work and stay alone.” In response, Lee Da-hae said, “In the past, when I was dating, I also saw a fortune, and it came out in a bad way. “(With Mr. Seven) you said it in a way that it could be broken,” he recalled. The ‘Mentor Corps’ nodded and comforted Danny Ahn by saying, “Not all of the dots are correct.”

Song Yi-ji, who saw the marriage fortune, said, “It looks like it will be a long fight,” and interpreted, “At the age of 52, I think I will meet a woman with family and financial power, and I will be lucky to have children.” The 'mentor corps' was astonished as a group when they heard that he could easily become the longest-serving student. Fortunately, a fortune telling asking about 'the occupation of the woman to be married' yielded hopeful results. Song Yi-ji said, “Senior Shim Jin-hwa’s home shopping business has the best energy. “If we connect that way even this year, wouldn’t it be done quickly?” he said.
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah announce plans for marriage and second generation
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah announce plans for marriage and second generation
The date scene of the 'Dong-A couple' who celebrated their 200th day was also revealed. On this day, the two people went to the hanbok shop of Park Sool-nyeo, a hanbok researcher, carrying carefully packaged rice cakes. Park Sool-nyeo said, “I just came out watching ‘Groom Class,’” and said to Kim Dong-wan, “You can’t just do a good event. “Just get married quickly and just live your life,” he advised. He said, “Time goes by too quickly. I hope I get married soon. “I will take responsibility for the hanbok when I get married,” he said, attacking the ‘marriage before marriage.’

As the atmosphere heated up, the two showed off their gorgeous figures wearing the hanbok recommended by Park Sool-nyeo and headed somewhere in their car in that outfit. In the car, Kim Dong-wan looked at Seo Yoon-ah sweetly, saying, “I think it would be nice to have a wedding wearing a hanbok.” Seo Yoon-ah also said, “I think a traditional wedding is okay. “I wore a mini dress at the after party,” she said with a bright smile.

The place the two arrived was a Hanok cultural space famous for traditional weddings and various banquets. Just then, a photographer who was Kim Dong-wan's elementary, middle, and high school classmate arrived, and Kim Dong-wan struck a friendly pose with Seo Yoon-ah, saying, "Please take a hanbok photo shoot to commemorate the 200th day." ‘Principal’ Lee Seung-cheol, who was watching the couple’s 200-day event, said, “We can go on a honeymoon for the 300-day event.” After successfully completing the photo shoot, the photographer showed Seo Yoon-ah Kim Dong-wan's elementary, middle, and high school graduation albums that he had brought in advance.

Seo Yoon-ah found Kim Dong-wan among many students at once. I also asked, “Were you popular during your school days?” The friend said, “That’s right,” and told a story about Dong-wan Kim’s school days. Dong-wan Kim thanked his friend and joked, “Please take a snapshot of our first birthday later.” The friend responded, “First, let’s start with the wedding photos,” and cheered for the couple’s happy future.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google