Jang Yoon-jeong and Do Kyung-wan, married couple fight during broadcast
Jang Yoon-jeong and Do Kyung-wan, married couple fight during broadcast
In E Channel's 'Magic Castle', Ahn Jae-mo, Kim Mi-ryeo, Eva, and Kim Byeong-hyun confess about the sex education they have received. They also voice their grievances, saying, “Sex education for children is difficult.”

In 'The Magic Castle', which will be aired for the first time on the 11th, a marital fight between 'Dojang Couple' Jang Yoon-jung and Do Kyung-wan is witnessed. Looking at Do Kyung-wan, who was very nervous from the start, Jang Yoon-jeong said, “Relax.” However, Do Kyung-wan avoids his gaze, saying, “How many people can sit comfortably next to Jang Yoon-jeong?” Do Kyung-wan, who went to the studio with his wife for the first time in a long time, said, “I have a short career, so I get scolded a lot. “It’s okay to get scolded, but please go home and let it go.”

In response, Jang Yoon-jeong confesses, “I do not embarrass (my husband) in front of others, but send him a text message saying, ‘That comment you made earlier was useless to the world.’” Do Gyeong-wan reveals his true feelings, saying, “From the perspective of me raising Jang Yoon-jeong’s children, the most difficult education among them was sex education.” In response to her husband's expression of taking full responsibility for their children, Jang Yoon-jung grumbles, "If anyone sees them, they will think that we are a remarried couple," causing laughter once again.

Jae-mo Ahn, Mi-ryeo Kim, Eva, and Byeong-hyeon Kim, who came to receive sex education with their children, also confess their difficulties in providing sex education for their children. Kim Mi-ryeo said, “Sperm comes out of a man’s body. I received sex education through videos like ‘The sperm enters the woman’s body and meets the egg.’ 'What is that?' “I saw it like this,” he said, confessing that it was all about theory-centered sex education. Do Gyeong-wan, Ahn Jae-mo, and Kim Byeong-hyeon also shyly confess that they never received formal education and that all they learned was from their seniors and friends.

Although the sex education they received was different, Ahn Jae-mo, Kim Mi-ryeo, Eva, and Kim Byeong-hyeon were all equally concerned about how to provide sex education to their children. 'Magic Castle', a children's sex education tutoring program that will provide a guide to the confusing and difficult sex education of Korea's troubled 'mom dads', will be broadcast for the first time at 9:20 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google