Ha Do-kwon, acting like FM
Ha Do-kwon, acting like FM
Actor Ha Do-kwon shared his thoughts on the end of ‘Player 2’.

Ha Do-kwon played the role of principled prosecutor Kwak Do-su in the tvN drama 'Player 2', which ended on the 9th, and captured attention with his performance that added to the tension in each episode.

Kwak Do-su, played by Ha Do-kwon, is a character who pursues FM, and added fun to the play by showing that he cooperates with players who deal with evildoers without following the law, while treating them as criminals.

Among these, Ha Do-kwon not only expressed the appearance of a charismatic prosecutor with a weighty voice and resolute eyes, but also portrayed the coexistence of seriousness and softness with delicate control of speed and intensity, thereby increasing viewers' immersion.

After the end of the series, Ha Do-kwon said through his agency, "The work that I worked with for a long time last year is now coming to an end. It was a work that I made with fun and sometimes hard work," and added, "It was a time for which I was grateful for the love and support of many people. 'Player 3' “I hope I can meet you all again,” he said.

Ha Do-kwon, who has proven his solid acting skills through 'Player 2', plans to continue his career on the big screen through the movie 'Escape: Project Silence', which will be released on the 12th.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google