'Divorce' Choi Dong-seok, sniping Park Ji-yoon again?
'Divorce' Choi Dong-seok, sniping Park Ji-yoon again?
Choi Dong-seok returns to broadcasting after 4 years through ‘Now I’m Alone’.

In the first episode of TV CHOSUN's entertainment show 'I'm Alone Now', which airs on the 9th, Choi Dong-seok reveals his current situation as he travels between Seoul and Jeju and his feelings about becoming alone.

“I came home one day, but my family hadn’t come home,” Choi Dong-seok said, showing confusion and not yet adjusting to the single life he suddenly faced. Nevertheless, he said, “It was a time for me to reflect on my life,” and that it was an opportunity for him to reflect on himself at the starting line of the second chapter of his life.

Life alone is still awkward. “What does your wife do?” While eating alone, he is embarrassed by an unexpected question from the restaurant owner, but appears to be trying to deal with it resolutely. He is also depicted doing his best as a father of two children, traveling between Jeju and Seoul. Choi Dong-seok said that his children are his priority more than anything else, and expressed his affectionate feelings by saying, “When I am alone at home, I think about my children a lot.” Children who meet once every two weeks. He shows off his side as a kind father who prepares for the meeting by carefully selecting and buying snacks that suit the children's tastes at the market.

'Now I'm Alone' is a real observational entertainment show that simply captures the lives of people who are alone again, and thanks to the support of MC Park Mi-sun, Jeon No-min, Jo Yoon-hee, Choi Dong-seok, and Lee Yun-jin show off the single life they have faced again. Rather than showing the reason or process of becoming alone, it will show the journey of standing at a new starting line, adapting to the world, and preparing to take a leap forward.

‘Now I’m Alone’ will premiere at 10 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google