Kim Hee-seon I can’t see you anymore.
Kim Hee-seon I can’t see you anymore.
Kim Hee-sun's 'A Cup of Rice' is nearing its final episode. They plan to reveal without hesitation the charm that has captivated even the MZ generation.

tvN's entertainment show 'Let's Have a Drink (hereinafter referred to as 'Have a Drink') is scheduled to reach its finale this Thursday, July 11th. ‘A Cup of Rice’ is a popular entertainment show that ranked first in the same time slot on cable and general programming for 7 consecutive weeks.

Kim Hee-sun is playing a big role in driving popularity. With its charm that captivated everyone from the older generation to the MZ generation, it ranked first in the same time slot across all channels (including terrestrial channels) in viewership ratings by generation from 2049 to 2049.

Kim Hee-sun's flawless conversations with various 'food friends' attracted attention. While filming the past drama 'Men in the Bathhouse', the episode where he met a young Jung Kyung-ho and the dizzying anecdote with Ryu Seung-soo brought laughter. When comedian Kwak Beom and Seventeen's unit member Bu Seok-soon appeared, they revealed that they were real friends and activated their saintly mode, making everyone laugh.

There is even a taste for appreciating Kim Hee-sun’s fashion. Each episode has a different bundled hairstyle and styling that you will want to follow, such as retro style, geek chic style, and date look tailored to the concept, adding to the fun of eating and the fun of watching.

Above all, Kim Hee-sun's enthusiastic reaction of enjoying 'a cup of rice' itself made the viewers feel good. Kim Hee-sun quickly became friends with people she met for the first time thanks to her extraordinary friendliness and sociability. For example, in the 7th episode, when it rained suddenly, they took out a giant umbrella and put it on Hyoyeon and Jo A-ram, which was heartwarming. In the game to win the golden card, the competitive spirit was burned, making the event even more cheerful.

Kim Hee-sun's honest and easy-going appearance is receiving great response from people of various ages and even the MZ generation. The final episode of ‘A Cup of Rice’ visits Seocho-gu. Expectations are high that Kim Hee-seon's unique charm and wit will shine.

The final episode of ‘Let’s Eat and Drink’ will be broadcast at 8:40 pm on the 11th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google