Who is the comedian who lost his entire fortune in coins?
Who is the comedian who lost his entire fortune in coins?
Comedian Ryu Jeong-nam reveals a salty story.

In KBS2's entertainment show 'High-End Water Strider', which airs on the 9th, the Salty Avengers MC Corps and Kim Kyung-pil's money trainer's life recovery solution for comedian Ryu Jeong-nam, who dreams of a comeback after losing all his wealth through coin investment, will be revealed.

Comedian Ryu Jeong-nam, who debuted as a KBS open comedian in 2008 and gained popularity through 'Gag Concert' and was once mentioned as a candidate for the sixth man of 'Infinite Challenge', confessed on the day's broadcast that he lost all his money through coin investment and had a difficult time for a while.

Ryu Jeong-nam said that he even invested in coins with his deposit money, but after losing 287 million won in one month, he fell into despair and spent his days drinking and living like a junkie, arousing the regret of Salty Avengers MCs.

Ryu Jeong-nam, who came to realize the true value of money through labor after experiencing a severe investment failure, leaves a heartfelt exhortation, saying, “You should never hope for a true fluke, and don’t even look at it. That’s what I want to tell you.”

After coming to his senses, Ryu Jeong-nam dreamed of making a comeback and saved 50 million won by working hard for 10 months at a semiconductor factory construction site in Pyeongtaek.

In response, Chan-won Lee said, “I think it’s really cool to see him constantly challenging and working hard for a comeback and not losing his courage,” and Kyung-pil Kim said, “I salute you,” and gave a strong cheer to Jung-nam Ryu along with the MCs of the Avengers. I applaud you.

Kim Kyung-pil, who emphasized the ‘Three Commandments of Investment’ that must be kept in mind when investing, pointed out that “the reason people are enthusiastic about coins is because of the ‘possibility’” and added, “If the investment went well at the time due to a fluke, the current debt would be over 500 million to 600 million won. “It could have been,” he says.

Kim Kyung-pil then proposed a 'hybrid savings and ISA account' as a way to recover the money he had lost, including the 50 million won he had accumulated so far and the remaining 230 million won, raising interest and curiosity about today's broadcast as to what kind of solution it would be. Amplify.

The story of comedian Ryu Jeong-nam, who dreams of a confident comeback as an 'icon of recovery' rather than a failure, will be revealed on 'High-End Water Strider', which airs at 8:55 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google