‘Gag Concert’ brought to life by comedy duos
‘Gag Concert’ brought to life by comedy duos
Comedy duos from 'Gag Concert' such as Kim Jin-gon - Lee Kwang-seop, Shin Yun-seung - Park Min-seong, and Hong Hyun-ho - Oh Jeong-yul served as guardian angels of laughter on Sunday night.

KBS2's 'Gag Concert', which aired on the 7th, featured tiki-taka performances by powerful comedy duos that could end the first Sunday of July with laughter.

In the new corner 'Mr. Kim Jin-gon!', the contrast between Kim Jin-gon, a witness to the case, and Lee Kwang-seop, a prosecutor who knew nothing, caught the attention of viewers. Kim Jin-gon tried to gain courage by being told that he only had to point out the culprit among the suspects on the other side of the special glass that prevented him from seeing himself or hearing his voice. However, as soon as the suspects entered, they glared at Kim Jin-gon, causing laughter.

Also, when Kim Jin-gon sang the national anthem to relieve tension, the suspects placed their hands on his chest and even spit at Kim Jin-gon, causing laughter. Kim Jin-gon, who was frightened, complained to Lee Gwang-seop, "I can see everything," but Lee Kwang-seop seemed to be too sensitive and emphasized, "We have investigated numerous cases using this type of investigation method." He then said, “All the eyewitnesses are missing,” causing a powerful burst of laughter.

In 'Comic Talk Duo Comedy People', Shin Yun-seung and Park Min-seong's comic talks made the audience burst into laughter. Park Min-seong said that instead of becoming a star, he wants to live a long, thin life as Shin Yun-seung's manager. Shin Yun-seung decided to give Park Min-seong the role of manager. However, Park Min-seong said, “I’m sorry that our Yoon Seung-i caused social controversy,” drawing big laughter from the beginning.

Shin Yun-seung said, “It is important for a manager to be friendly. He or she should meet with the PD and ask for casting,” and Park Min-seong immediately started talking on the phone with the PD. Park Min-seong, who was continuing the call, said, "Don't just say no, why can't Yoon Seung-i be in a girl group?", causing laughter. He then added to the fun by saying to Shin Yun-seung, "Let's go for neutering surgery."

In the subsequent phone call, Park Min-seong said, "I can make it right away. I will make it quickly and go." Shin Yun-seung asked, “Do I need to build a body?” and Park Min-seong said, “I need to build a child,” and said that he was cast in ‘The Return of Superman.’ He then added, "Have you already been neutered?" and "I'll try to talk to Jo Soo-yeon well," making the audience burst into laughter.

Hong Hyeon-ho and Oh Jeong-yul, the actors of 'Simgok Police Station', also created endless laughter ping-pong. The two visited the Simgok police station to support the autonomous crime prevention team and took a speed quiz.

In the question of guessing 'Tiger', 'Arongi' Hong Hyeon-ho explained to his younger brother 'Dalongi' Oh Jeong-yul, "What did the younger brothers call me in the neighborhood back in the day?" However, Oh Jeong-yul said not tiger, but skunk, tiger, and armpit, and every time he got the wrong answer, Hong Hyeon-ho got angry and laughed, saying, "Did you call me that?"

Oh Jeong-yul then decided to explain the problem of guessing the ‘PC room’. Oh Jeong-yul said, "When my brother was 33 years old, he received 1,000 won in pocket money from his mom, and he was so excited that he ran to play a game, but his pocket money was taken away by an elementary school student, so he couldn't play and went to see the place." "The part-timer was pretty, so I asked if I could take his number, but the part-timer took 112 instead of my number." Every time he heard his younger brother's explanation, Hong Hyun-ho looked tearful and said, "Why are you talking about that?", adding to the cheerful laughter.

In addition, various corners such as 'Golden Kindergarten', 'You Know', 'What an Old Man', 'Habitual Couple', 'How About Defconn', and 'Grandma, King of Communication' filled the Sunday laughter restaurant 'Gag Concert'.

Meanwhile, 'Gag Concert' airs every Sunday at 10:35 pm on KBS2.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google