Jeong Jun-ha confesses to losing his sense of taste
Jeong Jun-ha confesses to losing his sense of taste
Jeong Jun-ha appears as a guest and engages in a spectacular 'food battle' with 1-ton giants.

On this day's broadcast, the 'original food god' Jeong Jun-ha shows off his true 'big dignity' and guarantees laughter. When Jeong Jun-ha appeared, the members warmly welcomed him, saying, “Our origin,” “(Ink) God has come,” and “Compared to Jeong Jun-ha, we are mere humans,” making the recording scene burst into laughter.

However, Jeong Jun-ha shocked everyone by saying, “My tongue is lying in my mouth these days,” and confessing that he had a “loss of taste,” which is like a terminal diagnosis for big people. Accordingly, the members set out to prescribe delicious restaurants to regain his sense of taste. Attention is focused on the menu that will reawaken Jeong Jun-ha's 'dead tongue' in 'Original 6 Meals a Day'.

It is said that Jeong Jun-ha, who felt the greatest sense of crisis in his life after seeing the eating skills of one-ton-sized people, from making rice balls with two spoons to eating twice with both hands, experienced the great humiliation of throwing empty chopsticks in the air. Accordingly, Jeong Jun-ha exploded with the original food god's instinct for gluttony and wholeheartedly participated in the 'food battle' with the big guys. The 1.1-ton mukbang of Jeong Jun-ha and other eaters that have never been seen before will be broadcast on air.

In addition, Seo Jang-hoon made people laugh by sincerely trying to 'deceive Jeong Jun-ha.' In the extremely difficult question of which is better to say between 'Jung Jun-ha's food is really delicious VS Jeong Jun-ha's really funny', Jeong Jun-ha was so flustered and embarrassed that everyone burst into laughter. Not only that, it is said that the big guys are also in serious trouble about which word would sound better between 'slimmer than the screen VS prettier than the screen', so attention is focused on what answer they chose after much deliberation.

The classy 'food chemistry' between the 'original food god' Jeong Jun-ha and the one-ton giants can be seen on 'Large Survival - Eat Jjippa', which airs at 9 p.m. on the 4th.

Junha Jeong is also a CEO of the restaurant industry who is actively working in the restaurant industry. Seafood Pocha opened last April. In the recently aired KBS entertainment show 'The Boss's Ears Are the Donkey's Ears', it was revealed that all four businesses are running well.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google