'Twice divorced' Jeon No-min reunites with daughter Jo Yoon-hee after 11 years
'Twice divorced' Jeon No-min reunites with daughter Jo Yoon-hee after 11 years
Actress Jeon No-min reveals her private life for the first time.

Jeon No-min, who will appear on TV Chosun's entertainment show 'Now I'm Alone', which will be broadcast for the first time on the 9th, has raised expectations for her first entertainment appearance.

Although he is an actor in his 29th year since debut, revealing his daily life on entertainment shows is an unfamiliar experience for Jeon No-min. Jeon No-min, who decided to live a life for herself, said, “I had avoided entertainment shows because I felt burdened by revealing my personal life, but I decided to appear on the show because of the sincerity of the production team,” and revealed the reason for appearing on ‘Now I’m Alone.’

He is also full of happiness for Jo Yoon-hee, who co-stars in 'Now I'm Alone'. Jeon No-min, who played a father-daughter role with Jo Yoon-hee in the drama 'Nine' that aired in 2013, said, "I have good memories of working with Jo Yoon-hee, and it's been a while since I met a familiar face. We even texted each other to say we were happy to meet each other." He revealed his feelings for the colleagues he encountered.

Although it is her first observational entertainment show, Jeon No-min plans to show her honest side without any modifications or edits. He left his affectionate wish for 'Now I'm Alone', saying, "I hope that you show yourself as you are, even if you sometimes show a different side, rather than a forced production simply to attract interest."

Lastly, he expressed his ambition, saying, “I want to approach the show with an unpretentious and simple appearance that viewers can sympathize with and that is not objectionable.”

'Now I'm Alone' is a real observational entertainment show that simply captures the lives of people who are alone again, and thanks to the support of MC Park Mi-sun, Jeon No-min, Choi Dong-seok, Jo Yoon-hee, and Lee Yun-jin show off the single life they have faced again.

‘Now I’m Alone’ will premiere at 10 PM on the 9th.

Jeon No-min remarried actress Kim Bo-yeon, who is nine years older than her, in 2004, but divorced in 2012.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google