Oh Yeon-seo, improved acting skills
Oh Yeon-seo, improved acting skills
'Player 2' Oh Yeon-seo showed off her outstanding acting skills while moving through various emotions.

In the 9th and 10th episodes of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Player 2: War of the Players' (written by Park Sang-moon and Choi Seul-gi, directed by Jae-hyun Jae, planned by Studio Dragon, and produced by People Story Company) that aired on the 1st and 2nd, Oh Yeon-seo is the president's secretary and one of the players. In the role of 'Jeong Soo-min', a helper, the story showed repeated twists and turns in the breakdown.

At the end of the 9th episode, Sumin happened to see President Choi Sang-ho (Jo Seong-ha) having a secret meeting with Jeffrey Jeong (Kim Kyung-nam), and could not hide his feelings of betrayal and surprise. When Sumin found out that Choi Sang-ho, who she regarded as her father, had deceived her, she immediately went to him and said, “Reporter Shin Hyeong-min (played by Hong Jong-hyun), you knew from the beginning that that would happen, right?”, raising curiosity about the narrative that will be revealed later.

Later, in episode 10, Sumin revealed all the heartbreaking stories of her past, making the drama even more immersive. A one-sided breakup came to Sumin, who was having an extremely happy time in a sweet relationship with her beloved lover, Hyeong-min. In the background, external pressure was coming in on an article by Hyeong-min, who was covering the illegal lobbying of a foreign investment company. As a result, the fact that he was attacked by a strange man and the story that Choi Sang-ho knew all about the situation were revealed, leaving viewers with a sad and unexpected twist. presented at the same time.

In response, Sumin expressed her anger at Choi Sang-ho, saying, “From that day until now, what is the truth?”, creating a feeling of despair. In addition, Choi Sang-ho also made the next best choice for Sumin and gave a glimpse into the reason why he and the players met, adding to the interest of how their ending will end in the remaining episodes.

Oh Yeon-seo naturally blended into 'Player 2' by perfectly expressing the mysterious and mysterious character 'Jung Soo-min' in the beginning of the play through visuals and atmosphere. In addition, they worked as a team by solving cases together, sometimes taking the lead with Kang Ha-ri (played by Song Seung-heon), and sometimes jumping into actual battles with other players. In particular, Sumin demonstrated her solid acting skills by stably depicting various emotions, such as longing and affection for her ex-lover, resentment and anger toward Choi Sang-ho, through past narratives.

Meanwhile, 'Player 2: War of the Crooks', starring Oh Yeon-seo, Song Seung-heon, Lee Si-eon, Tae Won-seok, and Jang Gyu-ri, is about con artists, hackers, fighters, and drivers! The more powerful ‘scammers’ are back! It is a team-play action scam drama that cleanses off the 'haves' and airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google