Lee Chan-won and Lim Young-woong make a surprise phone call
Lee Chan-won and Lim Young-woong make a surprise phone call
Chan-won Lee made an instant phone call with Young-woong Lim.

'One Little Difference: Psychomentary (hereinafter referred to as One Little Difference)' was engulfed in a festive mood from the start with the news of Season 2. Meanwhile, everyone's attention, including Park Ji-sun, Hong Jin-kyung, and Jang Seong-gyu, was focused on Lee Chan-won, and they mentioned Lee Chan-won's pledge to regularly broadcast the show, saying, "Didn't Chan-won say he would bring Lim Young-woong with him?" Then Chan-won Lee took out his phone right on the spot and called Young-woong Lim. While everyone is watching with excitement, attention is being paid to whether season 2 of 'One Piece' will be able to get off to a refreshing start with the voice of 'hero' Lim Young-woong.

The first episode of Season 2 of 'Hankeotchai', which returns with even more exciting remarks, presents a powerful psychological keyword, 'How dare you ignore me?' We delve into the slight differences in human nature between the 'multiple personality killer' who killed his entire family and the 'woman Ma Dong-seok' who destroyed a criminal organization with his bare hands.

Late at night, a man called 119, saying, “My whole family is dead.” It was a shocking incident in which three children, including a mother and two sons, were found horribly murdered in their home. However, the identity of the criminal who was urgently arrested the next day was the children's father and the deceased woman's husband. What's even more surprising is that the decisive evidence proving the crime was in none other than the deceased eldest son's cell phone. What is the truth of that day contained in the 15-hour recording file left behind by my 15-year-old son? Also, in 'Hankeotchai', what the father's horrifying words were to his dying young son are revealed.

However, the atrocities of the murderer husband, who brutally murdered his wife and children, did not end there. In the police car heading to the detention center, he claimed, "I have three personalities inside me." We plan to find out whether the culprit really had 'multiple personalities' and the real reason why the husband murdered his wife and young children through a sharp analysis by 'psychological expert' Professor Park Ji-seon. Regarding this incident, Lee Chan-won was astonished and said, "It was too strong from the first episode of Season 2," and Hong Jin-kyung was shocked and said, "Reality is scarier than a horror movie."

'Multiple personality killer' who brutally murdered his wife and children VS 'Ma Dong-seok', a woman who fought against a criminal organization alone It is revealed in ‘Chai’.

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