Jeon Hyun-moo makes shocking remarks
Jeon Hyun-moo makes shocking remarks
Jeon Hyun-moo falls in love with Jang Dong-min.

Jang Dong-min and Kim Min-kyung will appear as Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwon Eun-bi's daily enlightenment experts on MBC Every1's 'I Did Labe Today', which will be aired on July 2.

Kim Gook-jin looked at the production team's table of 'penalty items for promoting poisoning' prepared following the last broadcast and expressed concern, saying, "It will be a very miserable journey home." Accordingly, each team works hard and is determined to win.

Jang Dong-min beat Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwon Eun-bi by hitting long shots from the tee. Dong-min Jang and Min-kyung Kim are ahead 3:2 in the round. However, Jeon Hyun-moo was momentarily discouraged and recalled the 'poisonous and enlightened lesson' he received from Jang Dong-min, showing his strong side in practice. He even showed his ability to get the green closer to the hole cup than the 'Knowledgeable Teacher' Jang Dong-min. Next, Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwon Eun-bi join forces to lead the faction and surprise everyone with their appearance as Cheongchuleoram. It is said that Kim Gook-jin and Moon Jeong-hyeon were surprised to see them sincerely cheering for each other for the first time.

Afterwards, Jang Dong-min continued to provide generous coaching to the opposing team, Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwon Eun-bi, and acted as an 'emergency rescuer on the field.' While helping Jeon Hyun-moo's swing posture, he also showed off his sweet side by directly checking the position of Kwon Eun-bi's ball. Even teachers are amazed by the ‘Jang Dong-min’s rounding tips’ that are immediately effective.

In response, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “This is a rediscovery of Jang Dong-min,” and admired, “They say they like female comedians and have a strong heart, but if it were a woman with a tsundere-like side, I think I would have overlooked it.”

On this day, Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwon Eun-bi achieved the feat of tying with Jang Dong-min and Kim Min-kyung, leading to overtime. Jeon Hyeon-moo, the 'official drawee', and Jang Dong-min, the 'genius Jang', are competing in the 'short game putting showdown' where one shot determines victory or defeat. It's a thrilling match. Broadcast at 8:30 pm on the 2nd.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google