Kim Jaejoong returns to drama after 7 years
Kim Jaejoong returns to drama after 7 years
MBN's Friday-Saturday mini-series 'Eraser of Bad Memories' has completed the casting of Kim Jae-joong, Jin Se-yeon, Lee Jong-won, and Yang Hye-ji, and has been confirmed to be scheduled for August 2nd.

'Bad Memory Eraser' is a romance about a man whose life was changed by a memory eraser and a woman who became his first love. Kim Jae-joong, Jin Se-yeon, Lee Jong-won, and Yang Hye-ji, who are active in various fields including pop music and entertainment, were cast.

Jaejoong Kim played the role of ‘Lee Goon,’ whose life was turned upside down by a memory eraser. He was a promising tennis player, but after an injury, he lost all self-esteem and became a supporting player in life, but with a memory eraser, all his past memories were erased and he was reborn as 'MAX self-esteem, MAX confidence, and MAX presence.'

Kim Jaejoong is garnering attention by returning to the small screen after 7 years with 'Eraser of Bad Memories'. In addition, they have recently been active in entertainment shows such as KBS2's 'New Release' and YouTube's 'Refriend', and are scheduled to comeback on the 26th with their fourth full-length album 'FLOWER GARDEN' to commemorate their 20th anniversary. It is foreshadowing.

Jin Se-yeon plays the role of Gyeong Ju-yeon, a mental health doctor at the Brain Research Center and Lee's manipulated first love. Jin Se-yeon, who showed off her charm across historical and modern dramas such as 'Doctor Stranger', 'Prison Painting', 'Chosen-Women's War', and 'Daegun-Drawing Love', appeared in 'Bad Memories Eraser' and 'Cold Bone Inducer' through 'Eraser of Bad Memories'. Heo Dang-mi will show off her lively charm.

Jong-won Lee plays the role of Lee Shin, the world's No. 1 tennis player and Lee's popular younger brother. He is attracting attention in each of his works, including the dramas 'Flowers that Bloom at Night', 'Golden Spoon', and 'Wise Doctor Life Season 2', showing off a wide spectrum of acting skills. Accordingly, Lee Jong-won is drawing attention as he plans to deeply portray Lee Shin's secret wounds and at the same time show bickering brotherly chemistry with Kim Jae-joong, who plays older brother Lee Gun.

Yang Hye-ji played the role of Jeon Sae-yan, the interpreter of world star Lee Shin and the epitome of loveliness loved everywhere. Appearing in 'Wonderful World' and 'Ghost', he received support from viewers with his diverse charm and solid acting skills regardless of genre. In particular, expectations are rising for Yang Hye-ji, who has established herself as a mainstream star by winning the Rookie Award at the 2023 SBS Drama Awards for her role in 'Ghost'.

‘Eraser of Bad Memories’ will premiere on August 2nd at 9:40 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google