Kim Nam-il's garden was devastated, and the culprit was caught on CCTV.
Kim Nam-il's garden was devastated, and the culprit was caught on CCTV.
Thanks to the performance of Ahn Jung-hwan, the sports team members, The Boyz main cast, and Jeong Ho-young, the 0.5-star uninhabited island safely survived the most critical day.

MBC's entertainment show 'It's Good to Have a Good Rest' (hereinafter referred to as 'Good Rest'), which aired on the 24th, continued to be the number one entertainment show in its time slot for 9 consecutive weeks with a viewership rating of 5.1% based on households nationwide.

On this day's broadcast, 'CEO Ahn' Ahn Jung-hwan, sports team workers Hong Seong-heun, Yoo Hee-gwan, Kim Nam-il, Jo Won-hee, THE BOYZ's main cast, and chef Jeong Ho-young's story of running a 0.5-star uninhabited island were depicted. In the studio, Boom, Dae-ho Kim, Dae-ho Lee, and Ye-eun Ji watched their 0.5-star uninhabited island operation.

After arriving at the 0.5-star desert island, the sports team workers and Juyeon began their work by washing blankets. Ahn Jung-hwan explained the reason for summoning the athletic department workers, saying, “The athletic department definitely does a good job. He said, "When given something, I'm the type to finish it and throw my body into it," and in the studio, Lee Dae-ho added, "The sports team does everything they're told to do," raising expectations for their performance.

However, they showed lower-than-expected labor by dividing their ranks, bickering, and even holding the blanket from both sides and turning in the same direction at the same time when dehydrating the blanket. 'CEO Ahn' Ahn Jung-hwan, who was always close to them, did not stop scolding and scolding them, and the sports club workers who went to hang out the laundry plotted a rebellion, led by the eldest brother, Hong Seong-heun. However, everyone gave in to Ahn Jung-hwan's charisma and the rebellion ended before it even started.

The ordeal of the sports team workers did not end here. The vegetable garden that Kim Nam-il worked hard to cultivate was devastated. Kim Nam-il was even more disappointed when he saw through CCTV that the person who ruined the vegetable garden was the white deer, the spirit animal from the deserted island that he had longed to see. He had a sense of responsibility for the uninhabited island garden, so he gathered his courage and replanted the seedlings, and with the help of Hong Seong-heun and Jo Won-hee, he even built a fence to complete the reorganization.

'My Hands' to serve dinner to guests also faced difficulties. Since the opening of the 0.5-star uninhabited island, the sight of the fish was not secured due to the worst weather conditions. Juyeon, who has a skin scuba diving license, was unable to keep his determination, saying, “I wanted to surprise my brothers by succeeding in ‘Hands in My Hands,’” due to the blurred vision he was seeing for the first time, while Yoo Hee-gwan from Apgujeong and Jo Won-hee from Nonhyeon-dong showed their athletic potential by igniting their competitive spirit. However, only a few conches and abalone were harvested.

However, there was a hole for them too. This is because a former island resident who visited a 0.5-star uninhabited island before a full-fledged 'job with my own hands' informed the existence of a new seafood called 'gunbu' that can be easily collected from the coast. Accordingly, Ahn Jung-hwan and Jeong Ho-young, who were in charge of the land team, worked hard to collect military records.

However, this amount of ingredients was not enough to satisfy the customers and workers. In response, ‘CEO Ahn’ Ahn Jung-hwan was overcome with worry, calling it “the worst crisis in history.” However, Hoyoung Jeong, a 0.5-star uninhabited island chef, did not give in. He prepared 'Abalone Innard Vegetable Stew' using pre-made abalone paste and freshly caught abalone, and 'Conch Okonomiyaki' using flour, cabbage, and conches. Also, instead of Japanese food, which is his specialty, he decided to make Jjambbong, a Chinese dish that allows you to make a large amount of food with a small amount of seafood. Also, this was not ordinary Jjambbong, but 'Gunbu Jjamppong' with the new ingredient Gunbu.

Everyone was surprised by Jeong Ho-young's ability to turn a crisis into an opportunity even in an emergency situation. In response, Jung Ho-young explained the misunderstanding that often occurred when appearing on entertainment shows, saying, “I’m not a comedian.” Although all the foods aroused admiration, 'Gunbu Jjamppong' received praise from everyone, saying, "Isn't there going to be a 'Military Jjamppong' in the future?" Boom, Dae-ho Kim, Dae-ho Lee, and Ye-eun Ji, who were watching this in the studio, were curious about the taste of 'Gunbu', which they had never tasted before, and quenched their appetites.

In the trailer released at the end of the broadcast, the sports team members Hong Seong-heun, Kim Nam-il, Jo Won-hee, and Yoo Hee-gwan were depicted leaving the 0.5-star uninhabited island behind on a boat. ‘It’s a Good Thing to Get a Good Rest’ airs every Monday at 9 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google