Baek Jong-won finally explodes with anger, “Don’t talk behind my back”
Baek Jong-won finally explodes with anger, “Don’t talk behind my back”
Baek Jong-won's sensitivity exploded.

In the 5th episode of tvN's entertainment show 'Backpacker 2', which aired on the 23rd, the story of Baek Jong-won, Lee Soo-geun, Heo Kyung-hwan, Ahn Bo-hyun, and Go Kyung-pyo was depicted as they prepared cold-replenishing health food for the Ministry of National Defense's remains excavation team.

The day's business trip location, located in a civilian control zone at approximately 1,000 meters above sea level, was an area selected for exhumation of remains in 2024. This was the site of the final Battle of Geumseong in the Korean War, and the noble work of excavating the remains of fallen soldiers that had not been recovered during the Korean War was taking place here. At the front line business trip in front of the DMZ, the members looked solemn and said, “I didn’t know you were doing this.”

The client of the day, a captain from the Ministry of National Defense's Remains Excavation and Diagnosis Team, requested 210 servings of cold-refreshing food for soldiers who are continuing excavations despite the hot weather but are eating packed lunches under the sun. The key is that the kitchen is 40 minutes away from the outdoor dining area. Baek Jong-won's expression darkened with pressure when he was told that he had to complete the delivery mission by 12 o'clock.

Excluding the 80-minute round trip time, cooking time is only 3 hours. There were a total of four cold menu items selected by the culinary team, including chogyetang, meatball pancake, pork belly japchae, and Ahn Bo-hyun's dessert. As it was an all-time time attack mission, DinDin, who was a guest last week, once again provided support and provided reassurance.
Baek Jong-won finally explodes with anger, “Don’t talk behind my back”
Baek Jong-won finally explodes with anger, “Don’t talk behind my back”
In a tense atmosphere, the catering team prepared large quantities of food using a division of labor system. Following Lee Soo-geun's start baking meatball pancakes for 210 people, Baek Jong-won showed off the essence of large-scale cooking by making pork belly japchae with power shoveling.

Go Kyung-pyo began preparing chicken to be added to the main menu, chogyetang. However, the amount of chicken breast was too small for 210 people, and Baek Jong-won discovered a mysterious unopened box and confirmed that not all of the chicken was included. It turns out that it was Go Kyung-pyo's big mistake. In response, Baek Jong-won said, “Are you making me work two or three times? Go Kyung-pyo said angrily, saying, “I can finish it all at once,” and Go Kyung-pyo showed a disciplined expression as Baek Jong-won opened the Hell Gate and shouted.

Baek Jong-won also nagged Heo Gyeong-hwan, saying, "Do it quickly. Just send it somewhere and we'll be chatting," and when Heo Gyeong-hwan, who noticed, said, "Something is creeping up on me. It's here at any moment," he said, "You don't talk behind my back. I can hear it all." “He warned.

While DinDin finished preparing the vegetable toppings for the chogyetang, Baek Jong-won completed the super simple chogye soup base. Baek Jong-won adjusted the seasoning of the soup by mixing less-cooled soup with ice to achieve both taste and coldness. Meanwhile, Ahn Bo-hyun, who had a dizzying moment with Tanghulu last week, proved himself as a 'dessert genius' by presenting a s'mores waffle cookie with marshmallows.

After everyone worked hard, the delivery mission was successful. The soldiers beat the heat by gulping down the cold Chogyetang soup. They showed their love for the catering team's food, with responses such as "I've never had chogyetang this delicious," "It's different from a lunch box," and "It's like pancakes from Gwangjang Market." Ahn Bo-hyun, in charge of the dessert, even showed off a fire show performance to ensure 100% deliciousness, and the soldiers were happy with the marshmallows and sugar filling.

On this day, 'Backpacker 2' added to the lingering emotion by conveying the meaning of people who silently work for the souls of 70 years buried somewhere in the ground that deserve to be remembered. Two hours after the end of the meal, the site was filled with tense tension, and the remains discovered for the first time here and the journey of noble work gave an indescribable sense of reverence. The solemnity was heightened by the news that the last guest to visit 'Backpacker 2' was believed to be the remains of a South Korean soldier.

The viewership rating for the 5th episode was 4.8% for households in the metropolitan area, with a peak of 8.6%, ranking first in the same time slot including cable channels. In terms of viewership ratings for men and women in the 2049 demographic, which is tvN's target, it continued to be popular, ranking first in its time slot for five consecutive weeks, including comprehensive cable programming, both in the metropolitan area and nationwide.

Next week's broadcast will feature a business trip for exhausted firefighters. ‘Backpacker 2’ airs every Sunday at 7:40 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google