Jeon Hyun-moo was the type of person who did his best in dating.
Jeon Hyun-moo was the type of person who did his best in dating.
SBS Plus' Real Dating Lab, Poisoned Apple' depicts a warm 'true love' amid tension that makes you sweat.

In the 4th episode of SBS Plus' Real Dating Lab Poisoned Apple, which aired on the 18th, the 'Poisoned Apple Challenge' took place where the 'best apple girl ever' scrambled to seduce the heart of her boyfriend, an 'iron man in his 6th year of dating' who only knows his girlfriend. This unfolded. Also, 'Poison Apple Lab: Who Would You?' In the corner, various experimental cameras with the theme of 'transit breakup' were conducted to bring out the overindulgence and love discourse of 5 MCs Jeon Hyun-moo, Yang Se-chan, Lee Eun-ji, Chu, and Seong Ji-in.

This day's broadcast ranked 3rd among entertainment programs in the same time slot (based on main broadcast) in target viewership rating for '2049' based on Nielsen Korea's paid broadcasting in the metropolitan area, and the target viewership rating for '2049' based on cable TV in the metropolitan area also exceeded 1%. In addition, it ranked 4th in the 'Top 10 non-drama search issue keywords' in the first week of June compiled by Good Data Corporation. It ranked 6th in Coupang Play's 'Top 20 Popular Works of the Week' (as of the morning of the 19th), maintaining its top ranking for 4 consecutive weeks.
Jeon Hyun-moo was the type of person who did his best in dating.
Jeon Hyun-moo was the type of person who did his best in dating.
First, the ‘Poison Apple Challenge’ corner began. The client of the day said, "I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 years, and I really only know him. I'm curious how my boyfriend will react (to the temptation of the 'Apple girl')." Immediately after, Apple Girl, a former Miss Korea, appeared as a 'love destroyer' and entered the 'Poison Apple Challenge'. 'Apple Girl' naturally approached the main character, who runs a fashion business, saying, "I want to launch a new brand, so please give me some advice." A few days later, the 'Apple Girl' appeared in front of the main character, who usually enjoys walking with her dog, and was happy to see her as if they had met by chance, and even made a next appointment. In the end, the ‘Apple Girl’ actively appealed to the main character, even bringing along a helper who played the role of an investor. Lee Eun-ji, who was watching this, shook her head, and Jeon Hyun-moo said, "The real thing has appeared," and caused 'pupil dilation.'

'Apple Girl' is the 'Last Poison Apple' and asks the main character for a wish to "be my lover for a day," but the main character draws the line, saying, "I feel sorry for my girlfriend. I can't grant that wish." In response to the protagonist's statement of conviction, Jeon Hyun-moo gave a thumbs up, saying, "Don't miss this guy." Additionally, when the main character responded to the Apple girl's question, "How much do you love your girlfriend?" by saying, "She's like a part of me," expressing deep love, the client shed tears of emotion. After the experiment camera ended, the client cried to the protagonist, saying, "Thank you for speaking kindly about me." Afterwards, the two appeared together in the studio and received applause from 5 MCs as they promised to have strong love.

In the following episode, ‘Poison Apple Lab: What if it were you?’, the experimental cameras of two couples with the theme of ‘transit breakup’ were revealed. First, the girlfriend of the 'younger-younger' couple said, "There are a lot of transit relationships these days, so I was curious how my boyfriend would react in such a case," and then showed a situation in which she informed her boyfriend of a breakup. Eventually, the girlfriend even introduced her new boyfriend, but the boyfriend stayed calm but eventually got angry when he saw the girlfriend and the new boyfriend engaging in skinship. After a while, my boyfriend, who found out that it was an experimental camera, recalled the dizzying moment, saying, "I thought we were going to fight right now."

The 5 MCs, who were overly immersed in the experimental camera, also expressed their own opinions on the method of ‘notifying the breakup’. At this time, Jeon Hyun-moo emphasized, "I am the type of person who will do his best until the end, whether I report a breakup or not." Yang Se-chan asked, “What does it mean to do your best until the end?” Jeon Hyun-moo said, “It means making my image good until the end,” making people laugh. Lee Eun-ji and Chu said, "Wow, this is the worst!", and Yang Se-chan said, "Aren't you doing that to avoid getting criticized?", making Jeon Hyun-moo feel 'hot.'

The next ‘transit breakup’ experiment camera featured a boyfriend who had been dating for 4 months. He also broke up with his current girlfriend and brought his new girlfriend along. The girlfriend, surprised by the absurd situation, asked specifically about the relationship between the two. In response to the two people's explanation that "we only developed our feelings while communicating with each other," they were extremely angry, saying, "That's cheating!" In a dizzying situation, the boyfriend informed his girlfriend that it was an experimental camera. He then promised unchanging love in the future, saying, “I hope that our relationship becomes closer through this opportunity.”

‘Real Experimental Camera Poisonous Apple’ airs every Tuesday at 10:10 PM and is simultaneously released exclusively on Coupang Play.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google