Chungju Man opens up about controversy over resignation
Chungju Man opens up about controversy over resignation
The manager of Chungju-born superstar ‘Chungju Man’ is revealed for the first time.

In the 304th episode of MBC's entertainment show 'Point of Omniscient Interfere' (hereinafter referred to as 'Point of Omniscient Interfere'), which will be aired on the 22nd, the daily life of Kim Seon-tae, a Chungju city official and top YouTube star 'Chungju Man', is portrayed, which has changed 180 degrees.

On this day's broadcast, the day of Chungju Man, who finally has a manager after the previous broadcast, unfolds. Manager Lee Hyeong-ah, who is working as part of the public relations team at Chungju City Hall, began working with manager Kim Seon-tae, the 'Chungju Man'. Manager Lee Hyeong-ah, who is on the same boat as Chungju Man, stays by his side as a manager, reporting the YouTube team's weekly work as soon as he comes to work.

Manager Lee Hyeong-ah, who is in charge of Chungju Man's overall administrative affairs, works hard to solve all kinds of phone calls one by one. As he is a public servant who is attracting attention as the number one recruiter in many fields, it is said that his manager's phone alarm was constantly ringing. In addition, Chungju Man was shocked to see that his vacation period was simply written as 'Seontae Vacation' on the calendar of his manager, who is from the MZ generation, without the title.

Chungju Man, who has become famous nationwide and has become a star, begins filming content with his manager to explain the recent controversy over his resignation. The manager, who was said to be getting closer to Chungju Man, was unable to hide his awkwardness for a while and left the room at the command of his boss to prepare for the next schedule. Thanks to this, Chungju Man sits alone in the office filming content and urgently asks someone for help. Curiosity is focused on the process of filming his content, not knowing who Chungju Man has summoned in a hurry and where he will go.

As if proving the trend among trends, Chungju Man and the manager even held a business agreement ceremony for the launch of ‘Chungju Man Bread’. Chungju Man, who has bread released under his name, successfully completes his official schedule thanks to his manager's support. Curiosity is rising about what the business agreement ceremony was like amidst the hospitality of many people.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google