“I have a hidden younger brother” Lee Sang-min, the secret of his birth revealed
“I have a hidden younger brother” Lee Sang-min, the secret of his birth revealed
Lee Sang-min meets his relatives for the first time and candidly tells them stories he had not known before.

Lee Sang-min confessed that he spent every holiday lonely and lonely without being able to visit his relatives. Then, Lee Sang-min finally met his maternal relatives at his mother's funeral. On this day, Lee Sang-min visits Gwangju Metropolitan City for the first time to attend a gathering of his maternal relatives. Relatives also welcome Lee Sang-min warmly and prepare a table full of only his favorite side dishes. In response, Lee Sang-min said, “This is my first time having a family gathering like this,” and “This is my first time eating a family meal,” with tears in his eyes, touching the hearts of everyone watching.

Lee Sang-min then confesses the story of how he suffered because he was not listed on his mother's family register even though he was her biological child. Only immediate family members can carry out funeral proceedings, but Lee Sang-min, who was not on Sang-min's mother's family register, was able to safely bury his mother only with the help of his maternal uncle. In response, the relatives carefully reveal the hidden reason why Lee Sang-min was unable to enter his mother's family register.

Lee Sang-min was so shocked that he couldn't keep his mouth shut when he learned about his parents' story for the first time, and the studio's Movengers also wiped away tears, saying, "You've had a really hard time." Attention is focused on what Lee Sang-min's parents' story will be like.

The unexpected secret of Sang-min's birth is revealed, shocking him once again. Sangmin had a younger brother whom he did not know existed. When Lee Sang-min learns of the existence of his younger brother for the first time, he is shocked and says, “I have a younger brother?” It is said that when the shocking story of Lee Sang-min's inability to remember his younger brother was revealed, the Movengers were also speechless.

The secret about Lee Sang-min's shocking birth, which he learned for the first time in his life, can be confirmed on 'My Little Old Boy', which airs at 9:05 pm on the 16th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google