Kim Hee-sun, darkened by her husband's affair
Kim Hee-sun, darkened by her husband's affair
Kim Hee-sun begins a 'thrilling counterattack solution' to punish her husband and mistress.
In MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home', Kim Hee-sun played the role of Noh Young-won, the best family psychological counselor in Korea who tries to protect a crumbling family. Noh Young-won's various emotional variations in trying to protect his family even after learning the shocking secret of the family he trusted are portrayed through skillful and dense acting.
In the last broadcast, when Young-won's husband Jae-jin (played by Kim Nam-hee), who committed suicide after having an affair with Se-na (played by Yeon-woo), shamelessly returned home on his own, he went on a merciless 'Full Acceleration True Education' and relieved the viewers of their thousand-year-old problems. I made it go down. While Youngwon's appearance of rationally overcoming the situation head-on despite her family's series of betrayals is garnering support, interest in Youngwon's future actions has skyrocketed due to Jaejin's comeback.
Meanwhile, the released still captures Youngwon's visit to the airport alone, drawing attention. Youngwon looks around and heads somewhere, while staring at one place as if watching someone, raising curiosity about why he came to the airport. In particular, Yeongwon's somewhat cold and cold expression suggests that he has faced another shocking situation, raising curiosity about what kind of storm will rage in episode 7 of 'Us, Home'.
In the play, Kim Hee-sun is worried that the fourth target is her son Do-hyeon (played by Jae-chan) and says, “I will take care of my son first,” so anticipation is growing for Kim Hee-sun’s performance as to whether she will be able to punish her husband and mistress and protect the family. It gets bigger.
‘We, Home’ will air episode 7 on the 14th at 9:50 PM.
Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter
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