Moon Ji-in, haha misunderstood as an adulterous woman
Moon Ji-in, haha misunderstood as an adulterous woman
Actress Moon Ji-in left a mark on viewers as a fresh and lively woman.

Moon Ji-in appeared in the role of Gumiho in JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Playing Woman' (written by Na-kyung / directed by Kim Young-hwan, Kim Woo-hyun / produced by Base Story, IOK, SLL), which first aired on the 12th, providing comedy to viewers.

On this day's broadcast, an episode was depicted that was caused by Go Eun-ha's (played by Han Sun-hwa) obsession with her first love, the name 'Hyeon-woo'.

Miho (played by Moon Ji-in) said to Eunha, “How did you get involved with someone named Hyunwoo, and it never ended well?”

The two, who had been best friends since high school, found a place with a business card named Hyunwoo, and heard from a private loan shark that Hyunwoo was a 'cash first' person. Then, the two college students saw a book with the name Hyunwoo written on it at the university library and approached it. They were harassed by a strange man for over a month.

Miho recalled the time she met a pharmacist named Hyunwoo at a pharmacy, saying, “There was a time when I was mistaken for an adulterous woman and almost gave up.” Miho placed her hand on the name Hyunwoo written on the gown of a pharmacist (played by singer Haha), and his wife (played by singer Byul), who witnessed this, misunderstood it as an affair.

Miho, who was caught by her hair by the pharmacist's wife, ran around with Eunha and gave viewers a big laugh. Along with Haha and Byul, who made a special cameo appearance, actor Moon Ji-in's comical episode was depicted, adding to the fun of the drama.

Meanwhile, 'Woman Who Plays', where you can feel Moon Ji-in's fresh and lively charm, is a romantic drama about the big brother Seo Ji-hwan (played by Eom Tae-gu), who has come to terms with his dark past, and Go Eun-ha, the mini-sister who plays with the children, and airs every Wednesday and Thursday. It will be broadcast on JTBC at 8:50 p.m.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google