Shim Hyun-seop reveals girlfriend 14 years younger than him
Shim Hyun-seop reveals girlfriend 14 years younger than him
‘National Bachelor’ Shim Hyun-seop, 54, reveals his romantic partner for the first time.

In 'Joseon's Lover', which will be broadcast on the 17th, the current situation of Shim Hyun-seop, who finally started dating on his 103rd blind date, is vividly revealed. Shim Hyun-seop, known as 'the man who went on blind dates 100 times', went on many blind dates through 'Joseon's Lover', but had to keep dwelling on the bitter taste of failure.

Meanwhile, in 'Joseon's Lover' last April, Shim Hyun-seop was revealed to be 'going straight' to a blind date he met in Ulsan, saying, "Let's date officially," raising everyone's heart rate. The blind date said to Shim Hyun-seop, “What we are doing now is ‘some’,” earning them the nickname ‘the best man and woman.’

And in this episode of 'Joseon's Lover', Shim Hyeon-seop, who has been in a long-distance relationship over a distance of 400 km, shows a surprising update by verifying numerous train tickets and even revealing the accommodations he stays in whenever he comes down to Ulsan.

'Joseon's Lover' will follow Shim Hyeon-seop's love life in the 'hyper-realism' style that has been pursued so far and will provide the excitement of a live broadcast. The pre-released video shown by the production team on the 13th shows the back of the ‘Ulsan hot girl’ playing with a cat and the message, “You can’t live far away from her. Shim Hyun-seop's 'preliminary newlywed home', which he even prepared a house for in Ulsan, saying, "This could be the newlywed's home," was revealed and devastated the studio.

At the end of the pre-released video, Shim Hyun-seop, who receives a lot of support from Ulsan citizens, said, “There is an opening ceremony for the Ulsan branch of the company I work for. “She is coming there,” he predicted. On the day of the opening ceremony, 'Ulsan's hottest girl' sent a charming message to Shim Hyun-seop, saying, 'My brother appeared in my dream,' and gave him a big smile. ‘Ulsan’s most attractive girl’, who finally reveals her face as Shim Hyun-seop’s girlfriend, will be revealed for the first time on this day’s broadcast.

The love story between Shim Hyun-seop and ‘Ulsan’s hottest girl’ will be revealed on ‘Joseon’s Lover’, which will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 17th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google