Park Chan-sook experienced business failure and bankruptcy
Park Chan-sook experienced business failure and bankruptcy
Coach Park Chan-sook, considered a legend in Korean women's basketball, confesses that she experienced business failure in the past.

Basketball coach Park Chan-sook and his daughter, actress Seo Hyo-myeong, will visit Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which is scheduled to air at 8:10 pm on the 13th.

Park Chan-sook is a legend in the Korean basketball world who won the first silver medal in the history of Korean ball games with his tall height of 190 cm and unrivaled skills. Recently, he served as the coach of the Seodaemun-gu Office women's professional basketball team and led it to a championship just one year after its founding. Park Chan-sook expresses his well-founded pride by joking, “It is impossible to win the championship just one year after founding,” and “I did it.” MC Jeong Hyeong-don also couldn't help but be surprised as he listed the profile of the one and only director Park Chan-sook. In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young recalled the 1984 LA Olympics, saying, “Thanks to Park Chan-sook, the Republic of Korea was turned upside down.” Park Chan-sook then confesses the story of the time when she wrote history, saying, "I felt so light when I woke up in the morning," and "The basketball hoop looked bigger than usual."

Park Chan-sook's daughter, actress Seo Hyo-myeong, said that she is having a sweet honeymoon after getting married in 2023 after working in various fields such as various commercials and acting as the 6th Hani of EBS' 'Bonnie Hani'.

Seo Hyo-myeong confesses her worries, saying, “It’s been 9 months since I got married, and I feel like I can’t escape from my mother’s arms.” Seo Hyo-myeong calls herself a 'mama girl' and confesses that she consults with her mother, Park Chan-sook, on everything from dinner menus to newlywed homes and her husband's car purchase. He then added to the severity of his concerns by saying that he would go to his mother's house even though his stomach hurt. Park Chan-sook, the mother, shows that her daughter is extremely close to her, saying without hesitation, “I can’t live without my mother,” and “If my mother dies, I will die with her.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who confirmed the mother and daughter's concerns, explains that children who remain dependent on their parents even after becoming adults are called 'Zara syndrome.' Next, MC Lee Yoon-ji conducts a Zara syndrome test to determine the degree of dependence of her daughter Seo Hyo-myeong on her mother. Seo Hyo-myeong, who confessed that she answered all the questions in the test, said that the item "I expect my spouse to play the role of a parent" was especially touching, and admits that she suffers from severe Zara syndrome.

When MC Jeong Hyeong-don asked, "You've been newlywed for 9 months, are you doing well with your household?" Seo Hyo-myeong answered, "I'm doing well," while Park Chan-sook said, "Everything bothers me," giving different opinions.

In order to accurately find out Seo Hyo-myeong's independence status, we decided to look at the video of the mother and daughter's daily life. In the video, Park Chan-sook is captured not only knowing the password to her daughter's newlywed home, but also washing dishes and doing laundry for her. Accordingly, Dr. Oh Eun-young explains that most parents say, "There are parents who tell their children in advance because it is something they will have to do someday, and there are parents who just teach their children and do everything because they will do it anyway," and explains that Park Chan-sook falls into the latter category.
Park Chan-sook experienced business failure and bankruptcy
Park Chan-sook experienced business failure and bankruptcy
Dr. Oh Eun-young reveals the results of Seo Hyo-myeong's MMPI (Multi-faceted Personality Test) to find out what influence her mother Park Chan-sook's methods had on her daughter Seo Hyo-myeong. Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzes that “Seo Hyo-myeong has strong likes and dislikes and tends to be unable to bend her opinions,” and “because she lacks the experience of having her opinions broken, she may give up and become frustrated rather than resigned in the process of realizing her limitations.” Then, daughter Seo Hyo-myeong confesses that after her debut as an actress, her self-esteem dropped as she watched her successful friends. Park Chan-sook also confessed that she was also worried, saying, "There's nothing wrong with my daughter, so why isn't she doing well?"

Park Chan-sook, who lost her husband who was suffering from cancer, is moved to tears as she recalls the time when she had to endure business failure and bankruptcy alone. He revealed that he had to endure a difficult time when creditors came to his house along with his court appearance, and that he even had extreme thoughts such as "I shouldn't breathe." Daughter Seo Hyo-myeong shed tears, adding to her sadness, saying that she first learned of her mother Park Chan-sook's inner thoughts at the studio. Accordingly, it is said that Dr. Oh Eun-young not only pinpointed the cause of daughter Seo Hyo-myeong's difficulty in becoming completely independent from her mother, but also resolved Park Chan-sook's pent-up sadness.

Park Chan-sook and Seo Hyo-myeong What is Oh Eun-young's Eun-young Magic for mother and daughter? The mental care program 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center' is broadcast every Thursday at 8:10 pm on Channel A.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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