Solbi unfollowed Song Kang
Solbi unfollowed Song Kang
Solbi opens up about everything surrounding her, including dating, marriage, and rumors.

In the 9th episode of ENA's entertainment show 'Hype Boy Scout', which airs on the 11th (today), Solbi, a 'hype girl of the era' who is versatile in singing, dancing, painting, and literary creation, visits Unicorn Entertainment and has a 'recruitment meeting'.

On this day, Solbi turned the scene around with Tak Jae-hoon and 'Natural Enemy Tikitaka' from the beginning, and after recalling her Typhoon days, she even performed a high-pitched explosion song, raising her enthusiasm for being selected as a high-pitched girl. In particular, when her second self, ‘Painter Ji-an Kwon’, was summoned, Solbi said, “Jeon Hyun-moo, SES Eugene, etc. purchased my paintings. “There were rumors even among the wives of Cheongdam-dong,” he said, revealing the identity of the mysterious ‘grateful rumor’ and making everyone ‘take a deep breath’. However, Tak Jae-hoon said, “Isn’t Solbi amazing? Solbi makes a sudden comment saying, “I think you look like a shaman,” and Solbi calmly replies, “I think you look like a fisherman,” devastating the scene.

Tak Jae-hoon asked a quick question, saying, “Solbi’s life is a life of constant challenge in many areas, but marriage is the only challenge she has been able to tackle.” In response, Solbi said, “I am living well on my own. Who was your brother with yesterday? “She with brown short hair?” he launched a reflex attack, making Tak Jae-hoon dizzy. Tak Jae-hoon, who soon came to his senses, poured more questions, saying, “Is it possible that you want to get married, but the other person doesn’t like it?” and Solbi is surprised by revealing, “I received a marriage proposal, but I rejected it.” In response, Tak Jae-hoon asked a bombshell question, “Did a celebrity propose to you?” and Solbi asked, “Why? “Well,” he answered as if he was giving a silent admission, making the room buzz.

Furthermore, Tak Jae-hoon asks, “According to the rumors, did you have romances with famous people?” and Shin Gyu-jin brings up an article about her romance with actor Song Kang, who is ‘11 years younger than her.’ Solbi said, “I felt excited at the tanning shop. So, I followed (Kang Song) on SNS and then unfollowed him on my own,” he said, revealing a ‘story’ related to Kang Song.

While curiosity is focused on Solbi's honest remarks and breathtaking 'story', in addition to Solbi, 'Miss Korea Beauty 2023', who has been reborn as a 'big entertainment character', Jo Soo-bin's great performance as 'Laughing Princess' and 'Entertainment Godfather' Lee Kyung-gyu, are "A-level, The audition site of Unicorn Entertainment, attended by rookie actor Choi Min-ho, who was praised as having a face like Kang Dong-won’s, can be seen in the 9th episode of ‘Hype Boy Scout’, which airs at 7:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google