Seo Hyo-rim opens up about conflict over premarital pregnancy
Seo Hyo-rim opens up about conflict over premarital pregnancy
Seo Hyo-rim, 'Kim Soo-mi's daughter-in-law', reveals her parents for the first time in 18 years since her debut, and conveys her inner thoughts that she has not been able to tell before as her parents' daughter, not the daughter-in-law of a 'national actor'.

TV CHOSUN 'Dad and Me' announced the appearance of 'Kim Soo-mi's daughter-in-law' actress Seo Hyo-rim through an earlier preview video. In this broadcast, Seo Hyo-rim candidly opens up about the various conflicts surrounding marriage, including her relationship with Kim Soo-mi's son, marriage, and premarital pregnancy. In addition, Seo Hyo-rim's father's tearful feelings about the sudden marriage of the daughter he cherished so much will be revealed for the first time, drawing a lot of attention even before the broadcast.

Lee Seung-yeon, who drew attention in the early stages of the program with the story of 'Dad and Me', with the story of 'a single father' and 'two mothers', and Baek Il-seop, who became the protagonist of the 'highest viewership rating' by recovering his relationship with his daughter who had been separated from him for 7 years after graduating from high school. , There was a lot of support and interest in the sincere appearance of Choi Min-soo's wife, Kang Joo-eun, who became a 'wannabe family' by showing off her family life 30 years after marrying her parents who live in Canada.

This time, Seo Hyo-rim, daughter-in-law of 'nation's mother' Kim Soo-mi and actress who debuted 18 years ago, appears on 'Dad and Me' as the new 'daughter representative'. Since marrying Kim Soo-mi's son, Jung Myung-ho, in 2019, Seo Hyo-rim has been revealing her married life through various broadcasts as a gentle daughter-in-law and a fierce mother. However, since Seo Hyo-rim's appearance as a 'daughter' rather than someone's daughter-in-law has not been exposed much, attention is focused on what kind of story Seo Hyo-rim will tell through 'Dad and Me'.

In this broadcast, Seo Hyo-rim calls her mother-in-law Kim Soo-mi "Mom" and makes a friendly video call, creating a warm mother-daughter atmosphere, but blames herself for her parents, saying, "They always trusted me, but I let them down." I also did it. Accordingly, it is said that Jeon Hyun-moo chose Seo Hyo-rim's father as "the father who sheds the most tears out of 'Dad and Me'", raising curiosity about what kind of story this father and daughter have.

Actress Seo Hyo-rim reveals her home and parents for the first time, and what story she wants to tell as a daughter, not a daughter-in-law, and the story of why Seo Hyo-rim's father cried for his daughter will be revealed in 'Dad and Me', which will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 12th. You can see it.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google