Oh Eun-young recommended for hospitalization after being beaten to death by her father
Oh Eun-young recommended for hospitalization after being beaten to death by her father
On MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell', which aired on the 10th, a 'secret couple' came to visit, a wife who had reached a point where she could no longer hide the secret she had made without her husband's knowledge, and the husband who dug into the secret again and again to find the truth.

Although they have already been married for 18 years, the two still smile when they see each other's faces. The husband even called his wife 'pretty girl' and showed a rare heartwarming scene in 'Oh Eun-young Report'. However, the wife said that she filed a story because she wanted her husband, who was suffering because of an act that even she could not understand, to stop letting go of her. My wife said that the last way to get out of the swamp of secrets she had created was to appear on ‘Oh Eun-young Report’. The husband confessed that he didn't know why his wife was keeping secrets and that his trust was at an all-time low because of her lies. It is said that even at the recording studio where she visited Dr. Eun-young Oh for consultation, the wife was unable to hide her anxious appearance, constantly shaking her hands.

My wife, who opened her eyes early in the morning, shed tears while watching TV with a home shopping program on. MC So Yoo-jin, who saw this, could not hide her embarrassment, saying, “I thought I was watching a sad drama.” After finishing his night shift, the husband came home from work and was embarrassed to see his wife's swollen eyes. The wife appears extremely anxious, constantly shedding tears and picking at her fingernails. As work time approached and the sound of his wife going out was heard, the husband immediately began looking around the house looking for something. What was found in the wife's bag was a large amount of sleep aids, reminders for non-payment of cell phone and utility bills, and reminders for non-payment of loan interest. What the wife hid from her husband was ‘debt.’

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who saw this, felt very serious and could not keep her mouth shut. In fact, when the husband called the telecommunications company to find out about his wife's debt, there was a total of 8 months of unpaid mobile phone bills as of the date of filming, about 2 million won, and if 10% of the amount was not paid first on the day, a provisional seizure would be imposed. Moreover, my husband sighed heavily when he heard that the water and electricity might soon be cut off due to unpaid maintenance fees. Even if the child is hungry, there is no time to feed him. In the end, after much deliberation, the husband got money from the production crew and urgently put out the fire.

That evening, the husband asked his wife why she kept borrowing money. Then, the wife revealed that she was taking out a loan to avoid paying back the credit card because her husband had been using it indiscriminately for living expenses, leaving the MCs in an incomprehensible labyrinth. In addition, the husband surprised the studio by saying that his wife had even touched second and third financial institutions without his knowledge, including private loans from loan companies and illegal private loans. The wife, who left home after a fight with her husband in the past, confessed that she borrowed 3 million won as a housewife loan at the recommendation of a friend to find a place to stay and living expenses. The loan, which he started without knowing anything, gradually increased with interest, and his wife took out a reverse loan to repay the borrowed money, and even secretly resorted to illegal private loans.

Ultimately, the wife said she found out about this fact from her husband while applying for personal rehabilitation procedures. A couple who cannot afford to pay back the unbearably high interest, and who are having a hard time living their normal daily lives because they are being threatened day and night by an illegal loan company. He even made the MCs very nervous by releasing a recording of a phone call containing a threat.
Oh Eun-young recommended for hospitalization after being beaten to death by her father
Oh Eun-young recommended for hospitalization after being beaten to death by her father
Dr. Oh Eun-young focused on how the 3 million won loan borrowed by housewives to prepare a house and living expenses increased to 80 million won. After much thought, my wife told me about her past inability to adapt to the company. At the time, I confided in my husband that I wanted to quit, but the response I received was a blunt voice that said, “Think about your debt.” The wife, who was experiencing psychological difficulties, confessed that she once again relied on loans and engaged in behavior such as going out drinking with company employees. Dr. Oh Eun-young, who heard this, sharply analyzed that in the case of his wife, even if a small financial difficulty arises, the only solution that comes to mind is a loan. At the same time, it strongly recommended that economic activities be halted immediately. On the other hand, the husband was advised to be more proactive in solving the problem for his children and family, saying that even though he was aware of his wife's financial problem, he would have been too discouraged to take an active role in solving the problem.

A wife goes to work after taking care of her child in the morning. The husband said as if he knew his wife's daily routine intimately that she works at a job a 15-minute drive away from home and receives a monthly salary of 1.85 million won. However, the place where my wife arrived was not the office, but the shoulder of a quiet neighborhood. Just as I was wondering whether to get out of the car, my wife went to the backseat and repeatedly checked her cell phone. Eventually, my wife kept calling the company listed on the job information site to ask if they were looking for someone. Currently, when the production crew asked what kind of work they were doing, the wife answered that she was unemployed, and the husband and the MCs in the studio were shocked.

When my husband found out that I had been living in my car while hiding the fact that I had quit my job, I felt betrayed. The wife said that she was afraid that her husband would be angry if she confessed that she had quit her job when the family's financial situation was difficult due to the debt she owed. In response, MC Park Ji-min expressed his regret in the tense atmosphere, saying, “Just be honest.” The MCs and the studio were thrown into confusion as they even looked into taking out another loan to settle their unpaid mobile phone bills. The wife complained of frustration, saying that the total debt she currently owes is 100 million won and that she does not know why this situation has come to this.

MC Kim Eung-soo also expressed his nervousness, saying, “I’m scared to watch (the video).” The wife was anxious due to unbearable debt and interest charges, and shocked the MCs by overworking her body by taking sleeping pills and drinking alcohol. She says she feels guilty for her husband and family who are having a hard time because of her, so she wants them to stop letting go. However, the husband listened to his wife's words and comforted her by saying that he still loved her and that it was okay, bringing Dr. Eun-young Oh and the studio to tears.

The reason why my wife was overcome by impulsive thoughts every morning when she opened her eyes was because of the severe domestic violence she suffered from her father when she was young. It is said that the father, who was a terror itself, often used violence against his wife. Meanwhile, his older sister, who was protecting his wife, died from a beating, and later, his father also confessed that he ended his own life by consuming pesticide. Upon hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun-young could not hide her regret, saying that she had experienced something difficult to handle at such a young age. They also analyzed that the reason why the wife became frightened even when the husband raised his voice even a little was because of domestic violence, and that she must have suffered from guilt because she thought that all the incidents that occurred while growing up were because of her.

Additionally, it was analyzed that after the family collapsed, he probably learned wrong concepts about money and economics from his mother, who came every payday and took money from his employed wife. It is said that the wife must have had conflicting feelings about being afraid of money and at the same time not being afraid of borrowing other people's money. It was analyzed that the reason why people often lie is because they choose to avoid the moment even though they know that it is the wrong method. After hearing this, the wife expressed her earnest desire to get rid of the debt and stand proudly in front of the children.

Dr. Oh Eun-young surprised the couple and the MC by saying that there was no healing report to be delivered at the end of the recording. As a result of analysis through long-term consultations, he said that what his wife needed most was hospitalization to prevent self-harming behavior, and emphasized that stabilizing her body and mind was an urgent priority. He also mentioned that he should never borrow money, thinking of his children even if he had no living expenses, and gave him a gift of 31 money envelopes with Dr. Oh Eun-young's face and the harsh warning, "Never borrow money." He advised them to work hard to manage their living expenses by splitting 450,000 won per month or 15,000 won per day. Husbands were advised to do their best for their families on behalf of their wives who were unable to solve problems. Although the two were hurt more than anyone else, they shed tears as they remembered their children, who were like a solid support that always stayed by their side.

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