Dex became a wine jar manufacturer in Georgia.
Dex became a wine jar manufacturer in Georgia.
JTBC's new entertainment program 'My name is Gabriel' released a highlight video resembling 'The Lives of Others' featuring 7 stars, along with the addition of Hong Jin-kyung and Dex.

'My name is Gabriel', which will be aired for the first time at 8:50 pm on the 21st, is a new program presented by production company TEO on JTBC. In a place where no one knows me, I will live in a place where no one knows me, and for 72 hours, I will live under the name of one of the world's 8 billion people. It is a reality entertainment show about living ‘that person’s life’. The program explains that it will provide differentiated fun, emotion, and laughter through observational reality that unfolds while forming deep relationships in various parts of life such as family, friends, and work.

The highlight video released this time shows additional lineup members Hong Jin-kyung (Kigali, Rwanda) and Dex (Tbilisi, Georgia), as well as the stories of the seven Gabriels, each of whom is starting a new life in their own way. Above all, the names, residences, occupations, and unique details of the seven Gabriels are revealed, adding curiosity, excitement, and excitement.

Park Myung-soo lives the life of a som tam seller in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while Ji Chang-wook arouses curiosity with his new life in tequila, Mexico. The stories of Yeom Hye-ran, who transforms into the general manager of a hotpot restaurant in Chongqing, China and must complete dishes for 400 people in two hours, and Gabi, who lives 72 hours as a street musician in exciting Mexico City, Mexico, are also drawing attention.

It was also revealed that Dex, who is considered a popular member, has joined the group. Dex, who heads to "a country I have never heard of in my life," arouses curiosity with a scene where he experiences a leisurely organic life as a wine jar manufacturer 'Lati' in Tbilisi, Georgia. The story of Hong Jin-kyung, a former model, living the life of an aspiring model in Rwanda is also capturing attention.

Park Bo-gum presents an unprecedented level of immersion into the life of ‘Ruri’, the choir leader in Dublin, Ireland. There is a lot of interest in what Ruri's life will be like as she prepares for a busking performance while collaborating with the choir members, and on the new life of Park Bo-gum, who sheds tears saying, "It was a time to recharge my love."

The new life given to stars whose fates change with just a 'name' for 72 hours increases the excitement level just by releasing the highlight video. Although they fall into confusion due to the sudden discovery of their past(?) and family relationships, the sight of the stars immersing themselves in the lives of others and gradually adapting is somehow moving and moving. Expectations for the first broadcast are also growing to see how the show will permeate the 'real life scene' of the 8 billion Earth, which is unfamiliar but never unfamiliar.

'My Name is Gabriel' features Defconn, Davichi's Lee Hae-ri, and Kang Min-kyung as the main MCs, and will premiere on JTBC at 8:50 pm on the 21st.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google