Seon-young Ahn "I became a building owner and had early menopause"
Seon-young Ahn "I became a building owner and had early menopause"
Broadcaster and CEO Sunyoung Ahn, who achieved KRW 1 trillion in cumulative home shopping sales, confessed that she had been diagnosed with early menopause.

In Channel A's 'Best Friends Tocumentary Table for 4' broadcast on the 3rd, Ahn Sun-young appeared and invited her close friends, actors Jeong Ga-eun, Song Jin-woo, and Yang So-young, lawyers.

On this day, Sunyoung Ahn invited her friends to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the construction of the new headquarters in Mapo. When asked how it felt to have a building in her name, Seonyoung Ahn said, “I would be filled with joy and be excited every day if my dream came true, but I felt sick in my heart. I was happy when I first bought it and signed it. While building a building, the coronavirus, the Russian war, and a logistics crisis broke out. If you catch coronavirus during construction, construction will be halted for two weeks, but money will still be paid out. “There was a lot of work,” he confessed.

He continued, “I thought I was healthy, but I suffered from burnout syndrome and early menopause. Suddenly, my hands and feet were very cold, blood circulation was blocked, and I felt dizzy. Aside from my passion, I was a corpse, I didn't want to do anything, had negative thoughts, and was depressed. “I burst into tears during a live broadcast and cried during a meeting,” he said.

Sunyoung Ahn said, “My female hormone levels showed menopause. It was pulled quickly. Her physical age was in her late 30s, but her ovarian age was 55, which was 7 years older than hers. I was sick from working too hard. I thought menopause was a distant story, but I was embarrassed to actually experience it. My confidence is falling. “I felt sad that my life as a woman was over,” she said.
Seon-young Ahn "I became a building owner and had early menopause"
Seon-young Ahn "I became a building owner and had early menopause"
He stopped exercising compulsively for the next five years, rested well for a year, and received treatment before returning to normal levels. He said that he is currently into kickboxing because he is tired of the gym. Seonyoung Ahn said, “The adrenaline rush made me feel like my heart was going to explode. “I go three times a week,” he said.

On this day, Sunyoung Ahn also confessed her poor family history. He, who lost his father when he was 4, said, "I lived in the poorest area in Busan. I used public restrooms and ate rice in bags," and "my mother, who was a housewife, suddenly had to start selling cosmetics door-to-door to survive."

Thanks to working without a single day off, her mother opened a cosmetics dealership, and Ahn Seon-young was able to move into an apartment in the basement during her second year of high school. Sunyoung Ahn later went to Pusan National University thanks to her mother's sacrifice and left for England to pursue her dream of becoming a musical actress. After three months of short-term training in England, she wanted to stay longer and made a living by selling radish kimchi. However, Sunyoung Ahn, who returned to Korea after her mother's store went bankrupt due to the IMF and was saddled with debt, said, "The debt exceeded hundreds of millions of won. I couldn't make money as a musical actor, so I gave up my dream and struggled to find a job."

The reason he applied for the open recruitment for comedians was because of the prize money of 3 million won at the time, and he also ventured to appear on home shopping despite being criticized for the appearance fee. In the end, Sunyoung Ahn received applause when she said, “I paid off my mother’s debt of 140 million won in just 4 years of debut.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google