Sunyoung Ahn confesses to early menopause
Sunyoung Ahn confesses to early menopause
In Channel A's 'Best Friend Tocumentary - Table for 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'Table for 4'), which airs today (3rd), Ahn Seon-young, an all-round entertainer who crosses drama, entertainment, and radio and a broadcaster with 25 years of experience, takes on the role of CEO with 7 years of experience. We reveal our recent transformation.

On this day's broadcast, Sunyoung Ahn celebrates the 1st anniversary of the opening of her new 4-story building located in Mapo-gu and invites lawyer Yang Soyoung, whom she has known for 12 years, who she says is like her older sister, broadcaster Jeong Ga-eun, and actor Song Jin-woo. Ahn Seon-young, who has been attracting attention by revealing her healthy diet secrets, plans to present Italian home-cooked dishes that are both healthy and delicious.

Seonyoung Ahn lost her father early and grew up with a single mother. The full story of his life is revealed, from the days when he lived in an impoverished village where he had to use public restrooms, buying rice in bags, to becoming a recognized CEO. Seonyoung Ahn said she naturally gained business know-how by following her mother, who sold cosmetics door-to-door. He surprised his best friends by confessing that while he was studying abroad in the UK, he left with 5 million won, which he earned by selling car polish, and that he lived with a friend and sold radish radish in the bathtub to cover his living expenses.

Ahn Seon-young is the first generation of celebrity show hosts and has achieved cumulative home shopping sales of KRW 1 trillion. As a business that started in 2018, he opened a new headquarters in Mapo-gu last year and also revealed his feelings about becoming a building owner. “I thought I would only be happy if I bought a building and achieved my dream, but I was diagnosed with burnout syndrome and early menopause due to stress,” she said, opening up about her difficult past and how she overcame it. It is said that he made his close friends envious by revealing the current situation of their marriage due to his mother's old age and even revealing the special support he receives from his younger husband.

Jeong Ga-eun, a single mother raising an 8-year-old daughter, explains to her daughter about the absence of her child's father, confesses that she changed her daughter's last name last year, and says, "Now I want to meet someone I really love," and receives support from her friends. Meanwhile, Song Jin-woo, who is married to his Japanese wife and has been living as an international couple for 9 years, had a difficult time to the extent that he even considered quitting his career as an actor and moving to Japan with his wife if he could not settle down within 5 years, but fortunately, he found a good role and is now able to find a place in entertainment. He said that it was done and shared his happy situation.

‘Best Friends Tocumentary Table for 4’ airs every Monday at 8:10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google