Jo Se-ho "I can't propose to my bride-to-be yet"
Jo Se-ho "I can't propose to my bride-to-be yet"
Groom-to-be Jo Se-ho, who is scheduled to get married in October, revealed that he has not yet proposed.

In the 9th episode of ENA&Channelship Five Night's 'Jjinfan Zone', which airs today (3rd) at 7 PM on Monday without baseball, an unprecedented confrontation between the Eagles and Twins unfolds. Among them, 'Twins forever retired' commentator Park Yong-taek and actors Lee Jong-hyuk and Yoon Park, who are big fans of the Twins, appear and show off a bloody cheering clash.

In a recent recording, Jo Se-ho opened up about his worries about proposing ahead of his upcoming marriage in October, heating up the 'real fan zone'. Jo Se-ho said, “I don’t know what to say in front of someone I like. “That’s why I haven’t proposed yet,” he said, making the audience cheer with his sweet lover’s side.

In addition, it is said that a 'proposal discussion' between married fans of Jo Se-ho suddenly took place, turning the studio into a sea of laughter. In particular, Lee Jong-hyuk showed the appearance of a cool married senior, saying, "If you're going to get married, you don't have to," but then he came to his senses again and made a drastic change of attitude, saying, "You must absolutely deliver flowers on your wedding anniversary," making In Gyo-jin burst into laughter.

On the other hand, it is said that on this day's broadcast, Jo Se-ho was exhausted by the uncontrollable tension of his fans. Jo Se-ho said, “Today’s atmosphere is really not a joke,” and made Cha Tae-hyun laugh and laugh as he was caught up in the overwhelming reaction of Eagles and Twins fans. In addition, when In Gyo-jin, who boasted the highest tension of all time, even went so far as to 'eat spicy chicken feet' to cheer for the Eagles, Jo Se-ho revealed his dark side and made everyone around him laugh by saying, "I guess I can borrow 200 from Kyo-jin today?"

Expectations for this broadcast are soaring to see what Jo Se-ho's final proposal plan, completed with advice from married fans, will be like, and what the ending will be in the cheering match between Eagles and Twins fans, who boast unprecedented tension.

'Jjinfan Zone' will be broadcast on ENA at 7 PM on Mondays without baseball, and will also be released simultaneously on Channel 15 YouTube.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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