Han Go-eun ♥ Shin Young-soo, still a loving couple even after 9 years of marriage
Han Go-eun ♥ Shin Young-soo, still a loving couple even after 9 years of marriage
Han Go-eun meets her mother-in-law and spends a warm time with her husband Shin Young-soo.

In the 117th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class')', which airs at 9:30 pm on the 5th (Wednesday), Han Go-eun and Shin Young-soo, who have been married for 9 years, visit the temple where Shin Young-soo's mother usually goes. It depicts them spending a day full of family love, including visiting their parents' homes and preparing food with their own hands.

On this day, Han Go-eun enters a temple holding hands with her husband. At the same time, her mother-in-law was bowing at the shrine, and upon seeing this, Han Go-eun burst into tears, saying, “I feel like crying,” and then hugged her mother-in-law happily. The mother-in-law also happily responds to her daughter-in-law, saying, “Everyone in the neighborhood says they are blessed because our Go-eun is so good.”

Shin Young-soo said, “Wherever I go, people say, ‘I live the most enviable life.’ “I don’t want to trade my life for anyone,” says the confident lover. Meanwhile, Shin Young-soo confesses to his mother, “I was grateful to my wife, so I said, ‘Let’s be born again in the next life,’ and do you know what my wife said?” This raises curiosity about what Han Go-eun’s answer was.

After a friendly greeting, Han Go-eun and Shin Young-soo meet the head monk of the temple and bow at 90 degrees. The monk shook Han Go-eun’s hand and said, “You are so pretty. “I’m not just saying this, I’m like a daughter,” he said, praising his affectionate father-in-law relationship.

Han Go-eun’s mother-in-law said, “I was surprised when my son first brought Go-eun. It's so pretty to have a meeting. “One day, my son boasted, saying, ‘There is a very pretty woman lying next to me every day,’” making Han Go-eun smile. The studio mentor group also said, “Mother, nice comment!” repeatedly.

You can check it out in episode 117 of Channel A's 'Groom Class', which airs at 9:30 pm on the 5th (Wednesday).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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